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Many of us now are working from home and it looks like it will be the new norm but working in the office is als not entirely ruled out either post pandemic but having said all that you need the tools that can be used in both and this new headset from creative is one to look at which is affordable and lightweight too, being wired though may put some off but there is still a large cohort of people out there that do like wired headsets and for me either is fine.

This headset has USB-C which is the new norm and can also be used with your mobile phone which is handy and can be used in a personal capacity to take calls do zoom calls and listen to music too so you are not confined to your PC either so in effect you could save money here to with one headset and remember it is lightweight too.


The build quality is decent enough too and being lightweight makes it even better especially for long term use the cups are soft too a nicely settle on the ears which make for a comfortable experience overall.


This is a simple plug and play unit but it does have an inline control panel built in you also get some software to play around with that can enhance the experience and we show you this in the video review below with a standard set up and one connected with the software running, the controls are simple to use and nothing is complicated here at all.


The headset comes with a built-in noise-cancelling boom mic and swivel-to-mute function along with SmartComms Kit’s auto-mute and two-way noise cancellation features that make online calls a breeze for users. From webinar presentations to conference calls, the Creative Chat USB offers quality audio and effective noise-cancelling capabilities that works to prioritize voice pickup over unwanted background noises


Built with a pair of 40 mm Neodymium drivers, the Creative Chat USB has been intricately designed to deliver excellent audio performance that precedes its price by offering a much bigger audio bang for the buck. So, be it for work calls or entertainment, users can expect nothing but high-quality and crystal-clear audio playback all day.


The Creative Chat USB also works with gaming consoles such as PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch so again you are not tied down to one product to use this headset on so it is a win if you have all the above including a phone or tablet.


Overall this is a great affordable headset that is not restricted with it use case scenario and gives decent audio too and being light it is comfortable and even though it is wired it still offers more options than others out there with connectivity


Creative sent us this to review and no compensation paid nor any input given and are seeing this review the same time as you.

Watch the video below for more



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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