In the 21st century, technological advancements have enabled companies to increase efficiency whereas enhancing profitability. But these digital marvels also contributed significantly to alienating employees. In 2019, a survey revealed that 37% of people between 18-24 years of age were afraid of technology taking over their jobs. 

Similarly, Forbes has stated that 55% of employees are worried about automation rendering them jobless. What makes workers resist adopting technology? It might be the “fear of the unknown” that has made them oppose automation. The solution lies in training them properly so they may understand how technology helps them become better employees. Here, we’ll explain how this training is achievable:

Steps to help your workers adopt new tech

  • Create a technology roadmap

It isn’t practical to merely install software programs on an employee’s computer and expect them to become familiar with it. Companies should establish a “technology roadmap” that involves their workers’ training to accelerate technology adoption. This roadmap ensures that employees receive enough time to adjust to new tech. It’ll make them less stressed/worried about adopting innovative software applications. By creating a roadmap, you can allocate time for meetings where workers discuss their problems with these programs. So, this “fear of the unknown” will dissipate. Don’t forget to implement this roadmap properly to receive effective results in the end. You could also check out this blog for more information. 

  • Choose the right degree

It’s essential to choose the right degree for your workers based on their different expertise. Some employees require only the basic tech-related know-how, while others can acquire higher education. So, you can motivate some workers to pursue MBA in information technology management to hone their digital acumen. This degree prepares them for roles such as CIO and CTO in your organization. After earning an MBA-IT, an employee can also become an in-house company trainer for other workers.

  • Offer some incentives

It isn’t enough to offer them training opportunities when you haven’t incentivized this extra learning for your employees. Make this experience joyful and beneficial for a worker by providing monetary benefits. Delegate more responsibilities to them and offer rewards if they upskill themselves. We’ve observed that “tech skills” shall become necessary to survive in the future marketplace. Moreover, give constructive feedback to motivate employees and encourage them to hasten their learning.

  • Be patient with them

You can’t expect employees to learn using a software application in a few classes. Sometimes, you’ll have to wait for several months before the entire workforce becomes familiar with an application. It seems proper to be patient with them and introduce these new concepts gradually. Don’t make the training overwhelming for your employees. Give them information in bite-size chunks so they may digest this education properly. Also, don’t expect all your employees to be some sort of whizkids.

  • Use how-to videos

Adding visual elements to anything makes it easier to remember. Statistics show that people remember 80% of what they’ve seen while 20% of what they’ve read. So, you can create some how-to videos for your employees. It’ll help them understand how the new software program works and what advantages it brings to the table. Make this video content brief (five minutes long at most) to make information easier to handle. These videos will permit trainers to become better teachers.

  • Train small groups

While some companies insist on training the entire staff simultaneously, we suggest dividing them into smaller groups. It’ll make training more effective, invite more employees to participate, and allow trainers to explain complex concepts quickly. Psychologists believe that smaller groups motivate people to engage and draw out individuals who won’t speak before a larger audience. They address challenges in students’ understanding effectively as well while training employees in small groups.

  • Pair them with mentors

Don’t forget to pair your employees with some mentors for quick learning. These mentors should be tech-friendly individuals with enough expertise to your workers how to operate a particular program. It will enable employees to have someone with they may discuss challenges facing them while using that software application. These mentors will also help them retain the information taught by trainers. People tend to learn faster when they have someone to depend upon during education.

  • Explain the advantages

A LinkedIn survey published in 2018 shows why technology adoption fails at workplaces and turns this failure into success. One reason why workers are hesitant about technology deals with their ignorance of its benefits. How does it help me become better at my job? Unless they know how these tools make them more productive, they won’t be motivated to undergo training. Boomers, especially, need people to explain to them the benefits of adopting new tech. Have an open chat with them to get the desired results.


It shouldn’t be challenging to make workers understand how technology makes them more productive. But we have 63% of managers complaining that technological adoption at their workplace isn’t fast enough! How do you make skeptical employees more motivated about “going digital”? There are some methods to convince them, such as offering incentives, providing mentorship opportunities, and making learning interactive. Give workers some room for failure, and also don’t forget to break training into small steps for easy understanding. These practices will enable employees to adopt new technology willingly while monitoring their progress. Consequently, your workforce shall become upskilled and more organized.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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