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Geekmem is a new company that makes use of old mobile phones and this you will understand more when you see their products and it is a great idea and opens doors for more potential, some might shrug at the idea and say it is only a phone in a frame and considering things we have been asked to review like beakers,slippers and chewing gum this is actually tech so we leave the rest for others, we are a tech site after all, this however is a really neat idea and especially for those who like technology and we all know iPhone is a huge giant in the industry, phones do be recycled all the time but this brand makes better use of old devices and they have a few phones now on offer and going forward I would like to see more.

It is not everyday your average Joe knows what is inside your phone and this company gives you the opportunity to see exactly what makes up the inerts of a mobile phone by displaying them in a nice frame too.. Geekmem quote on their site.

The greatest joys of life are happy memories. Geekmem helps you document your precious digital products to your favorite specimen collection.

We’re living responsibly

Mobile phones contain heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, copper, zinc, etc. The pollution intensity of a waste mobile phone is 100 times that of ordinary dry batteries. If discarded arbitrarily, these elements will be released into the soil, groundwater, air, and surface runoff. Cause certain harm to the human body and the environment.

Stay happy times and keep happy memories.

You can make your home more environmentally friendly with Geekmem.

Check out one of their samples sent to us to show you in the flesh and click you can check out their full range at

The company sent us this to review with no input or compensation paid and are seeing the review the same time as you..

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