The move from land-based casinos to online casinos revolutionised gambling long before the slot games we know and love today developed. In the early 2000s — at around the same time people started to use personal mobile devices to access the internet — casinos moved onto online platforms. Since then, online casinos have transformed into a bustling industry that has made them more popular than land-based casinos. |

How have online slot games contributed to the success of online casinos? Let’s explore.

Better Options

Online slot games have been a groundbreaking success, perhaps primarily because of the ever-growing number of themes. You can go onto any online casino site and find hundreds of different themed slot games, many of which are based on famous films or mythical legends. 

Some are more popular than others, especially slots based on films such as one of the Marvels. For example, the Age of the Gods: God of Storm’s online slot game has taken online casinos by storm. Taking place above a Greek village that overlooks the sea, players can enjoy 4 progressive jackpots using 5 reels, 3 rows, and a 25 pay line setup.

z\ Age of the Gods is not the only online slot; players can enjoy slots based on their favourite films or characters, all of which offer different graphics and gameplay. That’s another significant feature of online slots; the gameplay typically varies on each game. One game could have an 80% return to player (RTP), and another could have a 92% RTP. The chances of winning in each slot game are different, and how you win is different.

What do we mean? As well as having various RTPs, there are always unique features and bonuses that make the chance of winning more fun. For example, in the Age of the Gods online slot game, there are many ways to win more money, including the red soldier symbol, which has a max payout of 500 times. 

The same applies to most slot games; there’s typically always a way to maximise the RTP.

Better Odds

Let’s go into better odds in more detail. Most people want to know their chances of winning and how much there is to win before playing. Online slots typically have a better RTP than you’ll find in any land-based casino. Land-based casinos ensure their games are notoriously hard to win, especially if you want to win big. Plus, it is much easier to gauge the RTP on an online slot game because it will tell you in the description. People don’t exactly walk up to every game in a land-based casino and ask what the RTP is – they just play. 

The fact that the RTP is very visible contributes towards the success of online slot games, or at least the good ones. The easier the slot game is to play, and the higher the RTP, the less likely you will win. It’s the online slot games with a lower RTP and a higher level of difficulty that pay out more because there’s less chance of them actually having to pay out – if that makes sense. 

More Accessible

Thanks to the ever-growing internet and the ability to connect to it from anywhere in the world, online slot games are now more accessible than ever. Players don’t even have to load the internet and find an online casino if they don’t want to. The Android Play Store and iOS Appstore have hundreds of casino apps with themed online slot games. 

The ability to connect to online casinos from a mobile phone was the turning point for the industry. Online casino websites soon adapted to the demands of mobile gaming, and so the transformation began. Thanks to 4G — and now the introduction of 5G — players can enjoy online casinos uninterrupted from most places in the world. 

There are some restrictions in certain countries, such as Ukraine, the Netherlands, and the US (interestingly!). Considering gambling is so huge in the US, online gambling is heavily restricted. Why? Players in the US can access online casinos like the rest of the world. Some people, however, have trouble depositing and withdrawing money because US banks typically refuse to handle gambling transactions. Plus, many online casinos don’t want the hassle of dealing with notoriously hard to navigate American laws.

Still, online gambling is easy to access in most parts of the world. All countries require most players to be over the age of 18 and to have a bank account. 

Online gambling is more popular than ever before, which grew in 2020 because land-based casinos remained closed for most of the year. Slot games have contributed towards the immense success of the online gambling world by offering variety, themed fun, and more chances of winning. Are they transforming gambling? Not necessarily, but they are revolutionising the gameplay. 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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