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Ray-Ban and Facebook launched the first pair of smart glasses that combine style and everyday wearability to help you stay present with friends, family, and the world around you. Ray-Ban Stories let you capture, share, and listen in a whole new way, so you can keep your eyes up and stay present in the moment. Ireland is one the initial launch countries. Starting at €329, you can choose from 20 combinations of frame/lens styles from the most iconic frames Ray-Ban offers: Wayfarer, Round or Meteor Ray-Ban. A rather unusual partnership that has turned eyes and then there is the data problem.


  • Convenient Camera Capture: Instant photo and video (up to 30 seconds) lets you capture spontaneous moments using the dual 5MP cameras on the front of the frames. A capture LED lights up when the cameras are on to notify those around you that photography or recording is taking place. Go hands-free for more convenient capture with Facebook Assistant and the “Hey Facebook” wake word. Simply say, “Hey Facebook, take a photo [or video]” and Ray-Ban Stories will do the rest.
  • Stylish Design: Choose the frames that fit your style and needs. Ray-Ban Stories comes in three styles: Wayfarer (also available in size Wayfarer L), Round and Meteor, and is offered in five colors and more lens choices, for 20 possible variations.
  • Built-In Audio: Built-in Bluetooth and a 3-microphone audio array allow you to listen to your favourite media, music, or podcast from any app on your phone and take calls – all from the glasses.
  • Facebook View App: Edit and enhance the everyday memories captured on Ray-Ban Stories using the Facebook View companion app (iOS and Android) and share them with family and friends, or across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other app of your choice.

Ray-Ban Stories was designed with privacy in mind. We’re taking steps to make sure device owners–and the people around them–feel comfortable, safe, and informed. More information on these efforts, from specific product features to tips for device wearers, can be found in our dedicated microsite.

You can find more information in blog post here,

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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