Swiss fintech start-up Numarics enables startups, SMEs and freelancers to do their accounting effortlessly and 100% digitally. With this strong business model, the founding team confirms the innovative strength of Switzerland as a business location.

Accounting, payroll, tax returns, invoicing, document management and much more are now streamlined via the Numarics ecosystem on the web or via app. Numarics has made the onboarding process incredibly simple – start-ups and SMEs can be activated on the platform in just a few minutes. Instantly, all the critical, administrative activities that are crucial to running a successful SME can be done in a digital and streamlined way via the Numarics app.

For entrepreneurs who want to organise their accounting seamlessly, independently and mobile.

The founders of Numarics believe that focusing on the core business leads to success – entrepreneurs focus on their key business and Numarics takes over administration and fiduciary services via the digital ecosystem.

Numarics was developed by experts from the fields of accounting, digitalisation, artificial intelligence and auditing. The founders have developed a digital and highly innovative ecosystem that is specifically tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs. With a consistent mobile-first approach, Numarics is Switzerland’s first accounting solution for startups and SMEs that can be completely controlled via a mobile app.

“Switzerland is a safe haven for businesses, and start up hubs like in Zurich are booming. It is simply outdated to still do your business administration with expensive accounting software and manually operating accounting providers. Numarics is the first digital accountant on the smartphone, providing an innovative ecosystem for Swiss startups,“ says Dominique Rey, Swiss Certified Public Accountant and CEO & Co-Founder at Numarics.

Users focus on their business – Numarics does the rest.

Co-founder Kristian Kabashi is an expert in the digitisation of business processes and is instrumental in digitising competent and reliable fiduciary services at Numarics. The digital expert believes that technology should be used to dedicate oneself to creativity by handling repetitive, administrative tasks technologically. In the process of developing Numarics, he has focused on the experience: “The experience of accounting up to now has been the same as a visit to the dentist. You know you have to do it, but it’s just no fun,” Kabashi says, adding, “With Numarics, running a business becomes the easiest thing in the world. Our users do their business, we do the rest.”

Numarics works and learns via intelligent algorithms. Each booking process is broken down from one minute to a few seconds. Documents are scanned with the mobile phone and categorised by setting filters. The app then learns from recurring expenses and income and consequently automates itself more and more, becoming faster and faster.

Kristian Kabashi and Dominique Rey
Kristian Kabashi and Dominique Rey

The founders are committed to creating a digital SME solution that is easy to use and absolutely transparent in terms of costs. Numarics is available for startups from only CHF 149 /month – the package includes all fiduciary services and financial administration for startups and SMEs: document management, accounting, financial statements, tax returns, VAT and payroll. Tax advice is provided via push notifications in the app. In the affiliated Numarics Academy, top experts such as Numarics Board Chairman and Professor for Finance Volker Doberanzke teach business management in free webinars.

If users need specific information, entrepreneurs can book consultations with certified experts at Numarics at the click of a button. Various banking institutions can be connected to the Numarics ecosystem to provide the user with a fully integrated financial experience.

“Expat founders regularly have different needs. They only understand Swiss regulations and tax requirements to a limited extent – also because there are many terms that translate differently. For these entrepreneurs, we want to make Switzerland more open as a start-up country,“ says Rey.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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