British based start-up launches AirLit – the UK’s first portable smart fan, ring light and mirror in one

AirLit is available online and on Robert Dyas for £89.99

British based start-up GeoSmartPro, a specialist in building smart home products that fit seamlessly into our homes, has launched AirLit – the ultimate accessory for video creation, remote working and online beauty tutorials. The GeoSmartPro is a fan that has saved my life this Summer go check it out.

The AirLit is a portable ring light, mirror and smart fan, providing users with confidence, comfort and convenience on screen, all from the tap of a button – perfect for influencers and people working from home.

Weighing less than 1.5 kg the AirLit is small, but packed full of features including a smart phone holder to support hands free usage and allow users to make use of the lighting benefits while taking a video call or recording.

Users can also change the angle and brightness of the light to suit their individual needs and the smart fan also provides comfort during warmer months as many of the UK’s workforce now work from home, without the luxury of office air conditioning.

Users can set the fan to a schedule, certain temperatures and speeds at the touch of a button.


The AirLit features include:

App automation – allows users to automate the fan’s actions and triggers. For example, if the room gets too hot the fan will automatically kick in. The fan uses WiFi to source and follow temperatures.

Light it up (or down) – Manage your light based on your preferences. Select from 3000-5000k and 10%-100% dimming means you can change the brightness depending on your environment and time of day.

Magnetic mirror – easily transform the AirLit into a mirror with a magnetic attachment and couple up with the light and it’s perfect for make-up application and hairstyling.

Flex-Rotation – choose your best angle – with 180° vertical rotation and 270° flex rotation AirLit can work with your best angles.

Telescopic extension– 400mm to 1000mm

Reverse charging– Allows you to charge your device in case of an emergency.

Blue light reduction– Use it as a desk lamp when on screens to help reduce strain on your eyes.

Battery life – up to 15 hours of usage

Timer – users can use AirLit for up to eight hours, so it’ll last the whole working day or night.

Modes – users can choose between three different light modes, reading, focus and leisure according to their environment and one fan mode which mimics nature’s air flow to ensure a controlled and calming breeze, giving you a feeling of sitting outdoors.

Speed –the fan can be set to low, medium or high fan speed depending on your preferences.

Voice control – Alexa or Google Assistant can give users a glow up in seconds

AirLit is the second product from British start-up GeoSmartPro to enter the market, following the launch of its AirGo smart pedestal fan in 2019.


Uzair Rafi, GeoSmartPro founder, said: “After seeing ourselves on video more than ever before, many of us are ready to up our screen appearance game and the AirLit does just that!

“AirLit has been designed to help people feel much more confident and comfortable when on screen. The ring light can be positioned to offer a flattering appearance for calls or video content creation, while the fan offers better comfort without the noise of having a window open.

“For the growing creator economy having the best lighting when posting or streaming to social media is essential, so the AirLit is the perfect influencer’s tool. The AirLit can be moved around easily so getting those perfect shots, with the ultimate glow, is a breeze.”

The AirLit is available for £89.99 from Robert Dyas and

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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