belkin key ring holder for apple air tag

Quick and to the point with this one it is just a key ring holder after all and is one of the cheapest on the market for your AirTag but we have more to come and of course our Air Tag review and comparison to other offerings on the market such as Tile Chipolo and NotiOne. This is a simple solid holder for your Air Tag that comes in two pieces you simply just stick the tag in between the two bits of plastic, would have preferred a soft rubber material but it is what it is. Overall though it is solid it must be said.

This was purchased by ourselves on the Apple store and cost 13.95 which is cheap enough compared to other offerings out there and comes in several colours, it is secure and scratch resistant which will protect your tag from getting marked and for those who have theirs engraved it is a bonus how that holds up over time to being exposed to the elements and so on and moving around.. Check out the video for more below and we have a link to purchase below. Overall it is safe enough and will not fall off but there is always that possibility it can be removed like any trackers most people proudly show off..

This product was purchased by techbuzzireland


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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