Bluetooth trackers have been around many years now and TILE being the most prominent in the market and well known and I use TILE myself and have reviewed all their products and they have been a staple for me for putting onto keys etc and then they added products to expand their use case such as stickers and thin cards like a credit card for your wallet.

Airtags have no GPS and work in a similar way to TILE with Bluetooth which has a community led environment and then uses the location services of your smartphone and find my network to communicate location information and with more iPhones on the planet than any other device this is how they have an advantage over TILE.

The set up process is rather simple and once done you can try it out at home by opening the find my app on this you then see a map of where the tag was last you can play a sound, find nearby and you have a notifications panel.. You can toggle on/off and you have a lost mode option which you can also enable and leave a number so you can be contacted once found. You can also rename the tag or remove it here too if you need to rest the device you can simply pop off the back and take out the battery and reinsert it 5 times and this can allow you to pass it on or just pair to another device.

This is ideal for those who own iphones more so but the question asked often is will these work with Android devices, if your Android device has NFC and you find one you can pick it up by just placing it at the back of your device this will then tell you if the device has been lost etc and you can disable it it is limited and in short the answer is no unless Apple perhaps want to drop the “find my” app in the play store so sorry Android users it is a no go for now..

Finally the battery life is around one year depending on ones usage and this is user replaceable with a battery you would find in you car key fob for example and the back just twists off and you will use the CR2032.

Overall great product for iPhone owners but the same still applies they can still be easily stolen as for any other tracking tag in similar format.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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