New World, Amazon’s debut into the MMO genre, was slated to launch in August 2020. However, the game has been totally rebuilt after a year of additional improvements ahead of its revised release date of August 2021.

Among the many changes, the introduction of new game modes is one of the most significant. New World strives to provide users with unique MMO experiences outside of the conventional MMO gameplay. Here’s a list of all the game modes that are available in the beta. To ensure your start in this game is smooth, its best to get familiar with, a gaming marketplace that provides huge discounts on New World gold, items and even New World accounts to try new builds and character designs.

Outpost Rush

Outpost Rush, one of the more recent additions, is an endgame mode that combines PvP and PvE elements. Two teams of 20 players compete for control of three outposts scattered around the landscape. In addition to conquering outposts and defending against other players, acquired resources can be used to fortify and strengthen captured outpost defenses. Other goals across the map that players might strive toward obtaining will award their team benefits. To get better at this mode, we’ll advise that you spice up your inventory with some New World items from


Expeditions are available in the world of Aternum for groups of five players. These are comparable to dungeons in other MMOs, but with additional features like as puzzles to break up the battle. At the end of these one-of-a-kind encounters, you’ll face some of New World’s most difficult bosses. A balanced party of competent players with enough damage, tanking, and healing to live is generally required to complete an expedition. marketplace offers the best opportunities to ensure that your party is fully equipped for the troubles that lie ahead. So make sure to get New World Gold for fair prices before embarking!


Along with Invasion, which is a major PvE experience, War is the biggest PvP experience in New World at the moment. In the 50-vs-50 game style, defenders will try to keep their fort for 30 minutes while attackers try to break down the gates and take it. Both attackers and defenders have a variety of siege weaponry at their disposal to aid them in battle. The territory will be controlled by the winner.


Invasion is New World’s largest PvE experience. 50 players will defend their fort against an onslaught of corrupted opponents in this wave-based game style. Players will have access to a variety of weaponry to aid them in combat, with the Void Destroyer serving as the ultimate challenge. Players must fend off the attack for 30 minutes in order to win. However, if they fail, their region would be demoted.

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