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Actigun is a personalized massage gun with an AI Chip installed -it is made for your physical needs and applicable to all your body parts. Once Actigun is started, the AI chip will react to the condition of your muscles and provide the exact percussive strength you need with a humanized-interactive experience. It comes with 4 and 6-speed settings, 20-gear controls, and 5-replaceable massage heads! This being my second such product I can see the rise in popularity with these.


This is an affordable option as there is many out there that can cost much more and there is two models available from the company this being the cheapest option and they are ideal for those into sports percussive massagers which can be great for recovery and maintaining their health. Packed in a nice case too all the fittings you need are present and the battery life on the unit is pretty decent too and it is simple to use with no tech knowledge to get it going with just a power on/off switch with a touch sensitive digital display on top. I have had comments like it looks like a hairdryer or speed gun but this has been said about the previous one I tested and it is what it is for now with the design and there is always some form of tech that looks like something being honest and will be labelled.

This is well built and solid with a matt finish and grippy rubber so you will not let it drop and if you do I would say it will take a beating anyway it is robust all round.

Depending on your needs there is several pieces in the case that can help you out and pretty much everything is covered from the get go. I am no massage gun expert but from trying two models you can feel the benefits it must be said after not using one until now I can see and feel a difference and the benefit these products offer the user. As mentioned there is two options available and there is cheaper out there so I cant compare to those just now as it would be unfair but it is not a bad price to pay but there is more expensive ones and being honest it is hard to tell just what the differences is between those and the two I have tried unless I test them personally but for your money hear you cant really complain.

What do you get in the case

M & L Ball Head for bigger muscle groups, like arms, thighs, back, buttocks and calves.
U-Shaped Head for massaging the neck, spine, and Achilles.
Rubble Gas Head for all parts of the body.
Flat Head for muscle relaxation on all parts of the body
Bullet Head for deep tissue
Percussive therapy is popular in the world of physical therapy and derives its benefits from penetrating deep into the muscle
tissue with a series of rapid, concentrated pulsating strokes. This type of therapy can help increase range of motion, treat muscles, and promote healthy circulation (results may vary from person to person), the best way to benefit from percussive therapy is with a percussive therapy device such as Actigun-the smartest and most affordable percussion massager.
Gain back control of your body with Actigun, the smartest and most affordable percussion massager!
Reduce tightness and knots
Encourage circulation
Increase range of motion
Accelerates regeneration
Releases tension
Check the video for more below..


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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