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Brush your teeth with style and fleek using the OCLEAN X Pro Elite: a new high-end and high-quality smart toothbrush that helps keep your pearly whites nice and bright, leaving you comfortable to wear your smile and grasp life with confidence.

Cruising through your day-to-day, you need a toothbrush that is both dependable and effective; a toothbrush that can match the speed of your life and deliver time and time again. Well, with significant breakthroughs in both technology and design, the X Pro Elite outperforms competition in almost every category. 

For starters, the X Pro Elite is also one of the smartest brushes on the block. With a battery life of up to 35 days and Qi Quick Charge technology (enabling it to fully charge in just 3.5 hours…wow) this toothbrush knows its stuff. The X Pro Elite is not going to become sentient any time being, but the toothbrush can help you improve your brushing technique. Using an ingenious AI algorithm, the X Pro Elite analyses the way you brush your teeth and recommends how you can improve your technique, using a dental model on its 0.96-inch touch screen display. There’s no plans to introduce Netflix onto the device anytime soon, but it will help you develop good brushing habits – an area that can often be neglected in a tricky work-life balance.

X Pro Elite techbuzzireland

To ensure that users get the deepest clean possible, the X Pro Elite’s motor spins at the speed of sound, delivering a maximum of 42,000 rpm that helps you reach and defeat difficult plaque and stain build ups with ease. OCLEAN’s new self-developed WhisperClean™ technology also means that the toothbrush emits just 45dB when operating at maximum power: a drastic decrease compared to it’s more pricey big name competitor’s (55-65 dB) – but shhh don’t tell them that, they’ll be jealous.

For decor-conscious and fashion-forward individuals, the X Pro Elite comes in a stylish-yet-elegant design. As an industry first, OCLEAN have used tactile craftsmanship on the exterior to create a comforting stone-like feel in the hand. With a natural and textured finish, the X Pro Elite will match any modern bathroom and the smart toothbrush’s perfect blend of visual beauty and design make it ideal for blending in with a sleek tiled wall or minimalist industrial decors. 

To help those with sensitive gums and delicate fillings, OCLEAN has also introduced a sensitive mode that reduces irritation and helps provide a pain-free but still effective brushing experience. With a standard of four customisable brushing models, each with adjustable 32 level intensity, the DuPoint Diamond brush filaments will never give you an issue. 

The OCLEAN X Pro Elite is available to purchase online for RRP £74

More information can be found at: https://www.oclean.com/products/oclean-x-pro-elite 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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