From listening to podcasts to catching up with the latest hits, headphones have become a necessity of our time. You could be amidst those whose careers depend entirely on headphones. If you love gaming or you work in a music production studio, your type of headphones are tailored to meet your field’s specific needs.

Apart from these specialized functionalities, most of the quality aspects cut across. In this article, we explore six factors to look out for before buying a pair of headphones. Let’s dive right in!


1. Sound Quality 

The sound quality will vary if you use in-ear (earbuds), on-ear, or over-ear headphones. Therefore, when listening to music of high quality, your choice is between the on-ear and over-ear. Since the on-ear allows distraction from your surroundings, over-ear headphones are the in-thing for excellent performance and high-quality music.


Depending on the genre of your favorite music, some sets give you stellar sound for specific genres. Request the retailer to allow you to test your headphones before paying for a pair. And if you have a pretty diverse musical taste, preparing a collection in advance will come in handy when testing.

2. Durability 

Durability describes the sturdiness of the headphones’ components. Check the material of the headband to determine its build quality. A headband with a metal frame or heavy-duty plastic is considered strong. Also, ensure the headband is devoid of several joints which are likely weak points. And for the earbud or in-ear designs, the tips’ shape and cable thickness determine their build quality.


To get value for your money, thoroughly inspect the build material. Avoid loosely built headphones that will break after a few months of use. If you move with your headphones often or are a busy Dj, a powerfully built headphone is non-negotiable. 

3. Comfort 

If you are the kind that uses headphones for several hours, you don’t want to compromise on comfort. Below are three aspects to look out for when comfort and a perfect fit are your key considerations:

  • Ear Cup’s Extension

If on-ear cups are too short, they will press your ears against your head. This force can cause soreness of the soft tissues, especially if you wear glasses. For over-ear cups, ensure they have a comfortable and complete seal near the ears.

  • Clamping Force

This will help you to locate the pressure points. If it’s little, your headphones will fall off at the slightest movement. And if it’s a lot, your head will feel compressed. Therefore, you need to fit in your headphones to determine if the force is balanced. A visual inspection will not cut it. 

  • Cushioning


Thick cushions are comfortable, but they will squeeze you around your ears. In contrast, thin cushions bring your ears in close contact with the hardware. And this can be a source of irritation. 

Proper cushioning should be moderate. Again not unless you are shopping online, test your headphones and settle for perfect cushioning.

4. Battery Life

If you love wireless headphones, then battery life is a crucial component you do not want to assume. A built-in battery that’s rechargeable powers wireless headphones. Go for a battery that lasts between 20-30 hours. Notably, over-ear wireless headphones have batteries that last longer than those of Bluetooth earbuds.

Besides, Bluetooth earbuds that need a cable for connection have a battery life of up to eight hours. In comparison, true wireless earbuds have a battery life of between three to five hours. If you are an outdoor kind of person, you now know what to look out for instantly.

5. Purpose of Headphones

If you are a multi-user, check what you use your headphones for 80% of your time. This should guide you on the type of headphones to buy.

On the other hand, specialized functionalities will require specialized headphones. For instance, gaming headphones are tuned to pick sound direction and details. However, you may need a different pair for listening to music because gaming headphones will only serve your gaming needs.

6. Price

Having talked about the various aspects of headphones, your budget will determine the gadget you finally take home. As it applies to other items you purchase, premium headphones will cost premium rates. But, to enjoy features like noise cancellation, stellar sound, comfortable and durable designs, every penny spent is worth it.

But if your use is essential, like listening to simple music and voice chatting, a budget pair will play the trick perfectly.

With these easy guidelines, your next headphone experience should be more pleasurable. Plus, you are now a more informed user.



By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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