poly voyager 2 UC headset

The Poly Voyager Focus 2 comes in a distinguished colour with a leatherette ear cushion which has a soft memory foam with a metal headset cushioned for strength and comfort. This can be used for noisy environments connected to a Laptop or phone utilising the multipoint connectivity, which connects to two devices at the same time. This can be hardwired for connection if required albeit a step back from the wireless options. The supplied charging stand on the model gave a place to store the headset and charge at the same time.  This unit did not come with the team logo but functioned as expected for Zoom & Teams calls. Recently we also checked out the POLY 7320

Contents: (These vary subject to the model)


  •       Talk time: Up to 19 hours (ANC off), Up to 16 hours (ANC On)
  •       Listening time: Up to 40 hours (ANC Off)   Up to 24 hours (ANC On)
  •       Charge time: Full charge 2 hours. Standby time: Up to 30 days


Headset weight:   175 g Warranty:  2-year warranty

Setup and use:

The manufactures recommend connecting the USB adapter directly to the laptop and then power on the handset, this worked seamlessly on various laptop tested. When used on a smartphone connection again worked via the Bluetooth option. 

The option to download the software via https://www.poly.com/be/en/support/downloads-apps gave additional features allowing the headset to auto-answer calls when picked up or ensure a ringtone was heard when a call came in, and the headset not close by. This free personalised software options have great features but involve various software for different poly models, this difference can be seen on the charging stand, Plantronics vs the Poly logo on the headset which would appear a standardised approach has not been agreed upon.  When only using one model this is not noticeable while a company with 5 or 6 different poly models could find a challenge to ensure the correct software is in use for the correct model.

The headset can be used on the left or right ear with the boom allowing movement both ways. When the boom is up, this mutes the call with the USB Bluetooth adapter changing colour to reflect this.


Poly state – All Poly USB headsets and personal speakerphones are compatible with the most popular voice platforms.

poly compatible
poly compatible

Active Noise Canceling (ANC):

This has 3 settings, Off, which would be recommended for only when e.g., listening to music or podcast or similar. When making calls the ANC switch can be set to Low for general office use or High for noisy /loud environment to reduce the background. This is strongly recommended to be kept on as may drain the battery a bit but well worth it from this quality headset to reduce external noise.


This is a multi-purpose handset which multipoint connectivity, which can connect to devices simultaneous and remember up to 8 devices. This is a key decision-maker for me when using a phone and a laptop during the day.  The option of using both left and right ear is a bonus with the optional software giving a personalised approach to its use. The options in terms of setting the headset to ring loud while not on your head is great to ensure calls are not missed.  The range at up to 50 m ensures taking the headset for a coffee while still connected is great with the ANC option a must in a noisy environment.

As always from the Poly family of the headset, build quality is excellent, audio quality excellent, battery life ok,  heads set controls in terms of call answer/end, mute, volume +/-, power ON/OFF/PAIRING, ANC OFF/1/2 is excellent and connectivity every time on-call was noted, ( many inferior headsets when not in use for a while often drop the connection required to power down and on again ) this was not the case with this model connected every time even when swapping between various laptops.

Overall, one of my favourite handsets sets this year with a slight personal niggle on the lack of a USB C connection and various software for different models, Overall quality, comfortable, voice alerts and work as they were designed, a stereo Bluetooth headset to give superior call quality every time. Starting at £267.95



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