joby beamo ringlight 12

Need some new lighting to enhance your video skills for only fans vids well this might be the one and of course can be used for other blogging material to give a better look to your video making.. There is many similar products out on the market today and I have some here in my studio and being honest this model wipes the floor compared to ones I got from Amazon to try out. The brightness on this unit is what you want this one for..

I keep a simple operation here but lights are important for some and this is a very flexible light to use with simple controls but I feel you should have the whole kit to got with it to get the ultimate finished product we did feature the news on the rest of the products seen on the packaging but yet have to try these out so as whole package I really thing the light on its own is not enough for more high end users of such material.

Mix things up with up to 10 different brightness levels and three colour temperatures to change the mood. Choose from 3000K, 4000K, or 5600K to give a soft, warm coloured effect, or go for crisper, blue-toned lighting. It comes with four cold shoe mounts that enables the microphone to be positioned at different points around the phone or camera for premium audio capture, and a cold shoe adapter for easy device mounting. The JOBY Beamo Ring Light 12” is compact enough (30.6×30.6x3cm) and incredibly lightweight (330g) to take on any trip or to keep it ready-to-use in a home studio or workspace. Ready to use right out of the box and compatible with existing JOBY products, the Beamo Ring Light 12” is perfect for all kind of content creators.

The JOBY Beamo Ring Light 12” can be bought  in a bundle or as an individual product. For more information see:

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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