DJs are significant persons in the entertainment business. They are the life of the party, event, or club because their expert skills can make people move to the music. Contrary to what people think, a DJing job is not as easy as it looks. We may often see DJs chilling and effortlessly operating turntables, mixers, and laptops, but it took years of training to get them to where they are. Being a DJ takes skill, commitment, and grit to become successful in the business. It is also a highly competitive job, so the faint-hearted and introverts should not pursue it.

DJs are in constant pursuit of improving their craft further. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, here are some tips on how to become a good DJ that you can apply.


Be Comfortable with Your DJ Set


Being comfortable with your equipment is an imperative tip in the DJing world. No matter how well-versed you are in audio technology, you will need to start with the principal equipment of a DJ. The good thing is there are plenty of resources online that will guide on which DJ set can get you started or can up the tempo of your game. The DJ controller recommendations in this link are definitive and reviewed by notable music industry experts and professional DJs who have tested the equipment. You get a wealth of information about the technical specifications, range of applications, and compatible enhancements and accessories that further improve your DJing style. The DJing community is a very diverse one, so you are free to pursue your tricks and customizations and find other DJs who share the same interests as yours. Being comfortable in operating your DJ set can give you confidence, which is what you need to fuel your passion for achieving greatness as a DJ.


Learn a Few New Tricks at a Time


Most of the skilled and well-known DJs in the industry did not start with their sleeves full of tricks. They took time learning one or two tricks and tried to learn new skills once they mastered some of the feats. There are thousands of tricks and techniques in DJing, but you shouldn’t be in a hurry to learn them all. Instead, observe and study the tricks and try to learn those that you will find useful at your current skill level. Aligning your preferred DJ style with the new trick you are picking up is an excellent way of improving your current DJ skills. Learning tricks that can be connected to your style can diversify your DJing skills and expand your ventures in the future. You need time and devotion to practice every trick you want to acquire and you will also need to apply them to various tracks to fully grasp and understand the feat.


Diversify Your Music Genre


Versatility is a vital quality in DJing, especially when it comes to your mixing abilities. Sticking to a single genre can help you polish your skills in that avenue, but you also need to diversify your mixing range. Do not be afraid to experiment and get out of your comfort zone by trying out other music genres or dabbing in combining another genre to what you are specializing in. If you are a house DJ, you can try learning Drum and Bass, Dubstep, or Hip-Hop to broaden and diversify your mixing skills. This diversification also helps you discover new features and capabilities of your DJ set hardware as you open up new possibilities to explore in your musical passion.


Learn to Collaborate and Exchange Ideas


As mentioned earlier, although the DJing community is competitive, it is also diverse and dynamic. It is a community where you can learn and share your knowledge with other DJs and get to explore other aspects of DJing that you might not have been aware of. Also, there are many capable members of the community in technical and audio specifications, where you can learn a thing or two in improving your gear and sound quality.

Your collaboration does not have to be limited within the DJing community. If you have a good singing voice or if you know a good professional singer, collaborate with them to create a new effect and to enhance your loop’s creativity. Not only will your tracks be more catchy but they can pave the way for instant fame for you and your singer.    



Being a DJ doesn’t need much qualification to get started. You need to have a passion for music and the willingness to learn and master your equipment. Being a DJ is a constant learning experience, so interact with other DJs, listen to more music, and explore new audio equipment and accessories that can help improve your skills. Lastly, stay determined and ready to leave your comfort zone as you strive for excellence in your craft. 


By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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