In simple words, an internet lawyer specialises in internet laws that define legislation and the legal principles regarding the use of the internet. These cyber laws also deal with electronic data, cyberspace, and related legal issues. Unlike traditional law fields, the IT laws incorporate laws from several fields and offer a resolution of issues like falsely using domain names, copyright infringement, electronic data theft, fraud, and defamation to name a few. Here’s our guide to help you understand internet law, internet lawyers, and the services an internet lawyer can provide in this digital age.


What is Internet Law?

Internet law is a very broad term that mostly covers everything related to the internet and computing. During the time of web 1.0, the interaction of the user with the internet and computing services was minimal. However, with web 2.0, the market for these services skyrocketed globally, making it necessary to devise internet laws that are not bound by any region or government’s policies. However, internet law still has its limitations in terms of implementation, especially on a global scale.If you need insights regarding any legal matter, contact Law S&B as they will guide you through any situation

Why Choose an Internet Lawyer?

While internet laws are ever-evolving, knowing about the changes and developments is crucial, and that’s where internet lawyers come in. They have better knowledge to handle these issues professionally when compared to traditional lawyers. An Internet lawyer can also guide you to understand how these laws work and the adequate way to pursue a case whenever you encounter anything related to cyber law. Internet attorneys can guide individuals, online startups, businesses, and corporations to tackle the common legal issues that affect their online presence.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Infringement of intellectual property is a quite common type of legal issue individuals and companies encounter on the internet. Anything online that holds your copyright or trademark is your intellectual property and you have the right to demand unauthorised use of your content. Internet attorneys are already providing services in helping internet firms and advice on how to better protect online assets. Moreover, companies collect user data for marketing purposes that could lead to privacy violations and intellectual property infringements, resulting in hefty fines. A lawyer specialising in internet law can guide companies on how to make policies on data collection and methods to comply with regulations, avoiding the chances of facing legal action.

Selling Confidential Information

Big corporations and industries have trade secrets that they don’t intend to share with anyone from the outside. It has become very difficult to secure these trading secrets and information as a disgruntled employee with access to company data can easily share this critical information or there are chances of a hacker to gain access, ultimately stealing the data. Cyberlaw professionals have expertise in securing the information by providing an in-detail course of the organisation.

Domain-related Issues

A domain dispute arises when both parties believe that they have the right to register a specific domain name. Cybersquatting is a problem that most companies face on the internet where sketchy domain hosting companies and individuals buy trademarked names as domains to sell them for a huge profit. An internet lawyer can help you out if you ever get stuck in this kind of situation. 



In this age of social media, business, social media influencers, or important personalities can easily become a victim of defamation. Anyone on the internet can nowadays spread false information that can easily influence the public’s view. Defamation cases also include false blogs, posts, articles, and reviews on products and services. This area is getting much-needed attention and laws have been implemented to cope up with it. Choosing an IT attorney facilitates collecting relevant evidence and represents your case for compensation of the losses faced due to defamation. They also provide services to protect the brand image, social influencers, and businesses from attacks of defamation.

Software and Website Development

Attorneys specialising in internet law can guide you through website agreements, defining the terms of service, and user policies that are used in websites. Software license agreements and end-user license agreements for apps and related disputes are also handled effectively by internet lawyers.


Today’s internet has already created huge potentials for every sector on the ground to grow online and connect with the world. With these advances, ways of exploiting information, theft, and misuse have increased by many folds, creating a new field of internet law and lawyers having expertise in the relevant issues. As technology is evolving, so are the laws, policies, and regulations that define its fair use.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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