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Cycling in Dublin is best described as risky due to no room on the road and again when it comes to sharing roads and not forgetting being lit up having the right gear on and the clash with motorists and cyclists breaking red lights and much more but this is not about who is right or wrong this is a new app which will be welcome amongst the cycling community. I cycle myself and will be giving this a go and also we have some cycling tech accessories in for review so stay tuned for that.

Dublin Cycling Campaign, Dublin City Council, and Smart Dublin, have been working together to produce the ‘Go-To’ cycle routing and gamification app curated just for Dublin. Through the participation of our cycling community, this app will continue to crowd-source critical information to provide more ‘localised’ and accurate cycle routing data. This will help Dublin City Council to create a safer and more bike-friendly environment for all.

cycle buddy app ios techbuzzireland

Dublin Cycling Buddy helps make your cycle rides around Dublin safer and more enjoyable!  Built using a new community-powered cycling navigation engine, the app will find safe, bike-friendly routes for your commuting and recreational rides. It utilises large data sets, including GPS trajectories and crowdsourced issue reports, with a data engine that analyses the collected data to produce these optimised routes. The solution will give cyclists peace of mind when planning their ride, knowing full well that they’re getting the best selection of cycle routes available.

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The collection of data from cycling routes will help the city council’s planning department determine which ‘non official’ routes that cyclists are organically taking, in order to improve cycling infrastructure in these key locations.

The app is also expected to foster a deeper digital community for Dublin cyclists through the real time feedback (e.g. potholes, traffic jams, near misses etc.), as well as taking part in the friendly competitions across the city and county.

As quoted by DCC’s Chief Executive Owen Keegan:

“The app offers Dublin’s cyclists a smarter way to engage with the Council, build a community of cyclists, as well as share trip information and advice on safer routes. This will help inform our investment priorities and also help us measure the impact of current investments across the city.”


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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