GPS is short for Global Positioning System. It is a tracking system that allows you to be found anywhere in the world. A Global positioning system(GPS) comprises satellites orbiting the Earth and devices on the ground. The network can find out a person or object’s position on Earth with remarkable accuracy.   

Positioning, navigation, and timing are the data the global positioning system tracks. Although it was created for military use, it has recently become widely accessible for public use. Now it can be used by any individual, provided the person has access to the system to track other people, objects, vehicles, cell phones, humans, animals.


A GPS tracking unit or tracker is a device that uses the global positioning system to get the locations of any entity anywhere on Earth. It is usually on a vehicle, pet, person, or asset.

There are several benefits of a GPS tracker, but this article highlights how it benefits you and your family.

1. Safety 

It helps you track your family. Not to keep tabs on or monitor them every time but to track your family members when the need arises. 

You can use the tracker to monitor activity on your vehicle when a friend or family member is using it. With the aid of the GPS, a tracker can give both real-time and historic navigation data on any journey. It could come with features that track speed, bearing, sunrise and sunset time, distance to destination. All of which makes a GPS tracker a must-have for you and your family.

If your family goes on vacation without you, the GPS tracker can help you identify their position quickly. You can see where they’ve been or where they are headed and if you want to join them without them knowing, then Voila! Surprise! 

2. Security

In a world of heightened insecurity, we must make constant efforts to ensure the security of our family. Having a GPS tracker in your vehicle before leaving your home or embarking on journeys will allow you to be proactive with your safety. If you have teenagers as kids, the tracker will help you monitor their movements and driving patterns. It would put your mind at rest on days when your children or spouse come home late. It can give you clues on where your children take your car out to and on any irregular activity that comes up in your family member’s lifestyle. It can also allow law enforcement officials to find you and your family in case of emergencies or accidents. 

3. It Helps You Avoid Unforeseen Events

With a GPS tracker, you can see what lies ahead of you – a roadblock, fallen bridges, accidents, and other stuff that may make up a threat to you on the road. 

An active GPS tracking system is a real-time system because it automatically sends you the information to a tracking portal(like a tracker) in real-time while it happens. There are different trackers with varying functionality. One that comes with sensors like erratic driving, acceleration, maintenance notifications, and hard braking is an obd gps tracker. It shows your current position and the position of what lies ahead. 

In case of a blockade, you can slow down to avoid a collision or take another route. It can also help monitor your vehicle’s fuel consumption, alerting you if you need to stop for gas. 

4. Accuracy and Reliability

The GPS can keep a person’s position anywhere on Earth. There are twenty-four operational satellites (with three extra in case any of the main satellites crash). They move around the Earth every 12 hours and send radio signals from space received by the GPS receiver. It is a reliable system that you can bank on anytime and anywhere. They provide information on every square meter of the Earth with a specified and unique address.


gps tracking

5. Recovery

In case of theft, a GPS tracker will help you recover your vehicle. Statistics report that in the United States, hijackers stole 721,885 cars in 2019, which means people lost about $6.4 billion to motor vehicle theft. We have also observed that vehicle thieves have become more sophisticated in their manner of stealing. Vehicle thefts happen every day, but exciting research shows that vehicle thefts often increase on holidays, especially New Year’s Day. Having a GPS tracker ensures easy recovery of your vehicle.

6. Timesaving

It saves time. Have you and your family ever been late to an event? Suddenly everything becomes a rush hour. It seems you can still make it to the event just a few minutes late until you get stuck in traffic. Then you get irresponsibly late to the event. 

The tracker shows maps of where you are and where you are going; it can predict the duration of your journey and show you another route you can take when you can’t use the usual path.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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