After testing out the EVO last year I would find it hard for them to beat but they do not do that overall however come really close to it and for the price you will pay these are certainly worth buying if you are in the market for a new pair of headphones. First off the overall audio experience is great with nice bass and loud volume and then comfortable.

They have a similar design language to the EVO which are still one of favourite headphones today and of course more expensive and worth every cent and these come in much cheaper and to take into account what you spend on the all new HESH they are a steal for the money if you are on a budget,,

Controls are nicely placed on one side and easy to command and you will have no issues controlling these in no time at all and almost everything is at your fingertip minus one or two features which are no huge deal, you of course have TILE built in here too which is great for those who misplace things or just loose them.

Comfort is quite nice even for long term use and in my case having worn them for several hours on the go they did not bother me at all, no sweat and no head pinching and this is an important factor to note for those who wear headphones for several hours. Speaking of hours you can get 3 hours of charging in just ten minutes and a full charge will give you 36 hours of course that is impeded if you use ANC dropping it down to around 32 but overall a great battery life.

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Overall these are a bargain for the money when it comes to sound which is what most people are after and easy recommendation from me if you are on a budget and want a pair of excellent pair of headphones not falling far from their top of the line crusher EVO. Check the video below for more on the HESH ANC as we take a look at the features and how to operate.



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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