OK so yesterday the Lidl Ireland antigen test hit the shelves and it was pretty much a welcome move until NPHET and Dr Tony Holohan jumped in and said do not rely on the test which is fine however if people are using them is it not good to be a bit more proactive here but also noting these do not give you a free pass. I can see his point and it is valid to some degree but these tests are out there in other shape or form and already in use and I went a bought the one in question you might see some other talk on these and they look different but after posting on Twitter my DMs went off asking about the test, this is not a review or a clickbait dummies guide or “how to” do the test but we go through the package and show you what is involved all is clearly written in the contents and many want to see what the test actually looks like and what is in the package this is all new to us remember..

There is two types of testing out there today and they are Antigen and PCR and PCR being the more accurate of the two and the Antigen test can be done at home without the need to send it off and wait for your results to come back if anything it reminds you of a pregnancy test. The kit can be bought in Lidl at the checkout area for €25 which is not bad and you get 5 tests in the package.

I done the test and it took around 20 mins in total to complete and is not invasive although it might be uncomfortable for some. Given this is a rapid test I do see the point of NPHET telling us not to purchase such as some might think it is a ticket to roam about the place as if nothing is going on but being proactive does no harm either and gives you an extra layer of comfort knowing if all is ok, Is Dr Holohan being the Lidl version of Dr Phil here? Many will argue yes some will not. Anyhow keep following the guidelines and stay safe and also check out the KYMIRA MASK we recently checked out. Finally Whatever results your get in the test you should follow the government guidelines.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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