Innovative AI platform is pioneering the music industry through its proven ability to combine music and tech like never before
It’s no secret that digital streaming platforms are currently dominating the music industry. But for record labels, music aggregators, and distributors alike, it can be both time consuming and expensive to handle massive album releases. Enter NEOS-AI: A unique B2B concept platform designed to revolutionise the music industry, which successfully automates the entire curation and distribution process – meaning labels and distributors can focus on signing and marketing more content, generate more revenues for their music catalogues, and ultimately increase visibility of their music titles worldwide.


“Curating music and artwork for distribution is a hassle,” says Bob Shami, CEO of NEOS-AI. “Our platform uses artificial intelligence and best-in-class machine learning algorithms to create products for digital streaming platforms. NEOS-AI takes away all the heavy lifting, ultimately reducing costs and driving efficiencies for distributors.”

NEOS-AI utilizes artificial intelligence to scan and analyze information received into a database, which assembles and organizes all of the metadata with its corresponding assets. Essentially, the tool is designed to replace human tasks such as sorting, organizing, and structuring music libraries for distribution with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

For those wondering the value of automating album distribution, consider the following statistic: RIAA’s semi-annual Music Revenues Report revealed that 80 percent of total industry revenue, or approximately $4.3 billion, is generated through digital streaming platforms. Playlists, particularly on Spotify, constitute a major stake in that game. And, with more than a billion people using audio streaming services and counting, the technology utilized by NEOS-AI is estimated to be worth more than half a billion dollars.

Platform users will be monetized via all streaming and download royalties, which are paid out quarterly. And because NEOS-AI isn’t a service, but instead a partnership between catalog owners (labels) and music distributors, users won’t be charged a fee. Individuals and artists cannot work directly with the platform, however. In order to be eligible to submit a catalog to the platform to be distributed as compilations, all partners must have at least 5,000 tracks.

How exactly does it work? The platform first analyzes a music library and sorts its metadata by genre, mood, and moments. Once NEOS-AI has learned the content, everything from tracklists to song titles and artwork are curated based on predetermined settings. The platform delivers full performance with the ability to customise and tailor settings according to clients’ needs.

“Such new revolutionizing technology has the potential to save all major companies with massive catalogs more money than they make in a year,” says Mr. Shami. “No more music curators, no more graphic designers, no more title curators, no more uploading albums – all of this is done on its own.”

NEOS-AI utilizes five different algorithms to automate the entire curation and distribution process:


  • AI-Pilot: Analyzes and sorts metadata by genre, mood, and moments in order to create album tracklists.
  • AI-Art: Designs artwork according to album title, using a library of more than 50 million images and artist-curated templates.
  • AI-Codes: Generates ISRC and UPC codes in a split second using custom or default prefixes.
  • AI-Agenda: Schedules automated tasks with the ability to work months in advance.
  • AI-Release: Distributes albums via API to more than 300 digital streaming platforms worldwide.


In addition to data indexing, NEOS-AI is capable of creating curated albums in a matter of a split second. The tool is extremely customizable, with the ability to generate albums based on genre, mood, artist, tempo, and more. Utilizing user behavior analytics to determine which tracks to include on each release, the platform assigns the best choice for commercial success in music distribution.

Album artwork for these curated compilations can be designed intuitively as well. NEOS-AI has a powerful function built in, developed exclusively to generate artwork automatically according to each album’s theme. With access to a library of more than 50 million licensed images, the system is able to select a photo, font, and color scheme based on a smart-keyword driven search.

After compilations are created, all albums are submitted for digital distribution, making them available for streaming and downloading. NEOS-AI boasts a robust outreach of music marketplaces worldwide including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube.

“Let your money work for you,” says Mr. Shami. “Digital streaming platforms offer the opportunity for massive streaming revenues. Many companies focus on a handful of releases, and forget about the rest of the millions of songs in their catalogs that could be generating millions of dollars in revenue on a monthly basis. These companies can now schedule releases months in advance with a click of a button.”

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