Tile introduces new colourways for its world-leading Pro and Slim Bluetooth trackers. #Tile #Tracking

Tile, manufacturers of the world’s leading Bluetooth trackers, debuts two new colours for its Pro and Slim trackers following the success of its limited edition range.

A perfect gift for the loved one who loses everything or even for your own peace of mind, the Azurite and Rose versions will be available to purchase exclusively from tile.com, priced from £29.99.

  • Pro is Tile’s high end tracker. It’s ideal for keys, backpacks, athletic gear or anything else you value. Pro has a 400 ft. Bluetooth range, Tile’s loudest ring and a user replaceable battery.
  • Slim is made to slide into narrow spaces and is perfect to tuck into your wallet or pocket. It can also be stuck onto flat surfaces such as your laptop.

Here’s how Tile works – if you’ve misplaced your item, simply ring your Tile from the app, which will locate it by sound if it’s nearby. If you fear your lost item is further away, there are two ways to locate it. Either see its Most Recent Location on a map or enlist the help of the Tile Network, which is comprised of other Tile app users, and will locate the lost item almost anywhere in the world. You can also use your Tile to locate your misplaced phone, even when it’s on silent. Just double press the logo on your Tile to make your phone ring.

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