Evernote announces Home for iOS and Android. #Evernote

Following the launch of Home for desktop and web earlier in the year,  Evernote, the productivity app that lets users remember everything and accomplish anything, is now rolling out this new feature for iOS and Android (OS 10 and up).

Home is a one-stop dashboard that gives users immediate access to their most recent and relevant information from one convenient location. Important notes, tags and shortcuts are instantly available and neatly organised upon opening the app, making Home the fastest way to get to things that matter.

As well as iOS and Android, Evernote Home is available to Mac, Windows and Evernote Web customers. iPhone and iPad users can get home today by updating their Evernote app from the iOS App Store.  It will be rolling out through the Google Play Store over the next few weeks.

About Home:

Home provides users with more than one way to organise their content, giving them the freedom to shape their Evernote experience and see the information they want, the way they want it. This new feature will enable users to work faster and stay focussed, helping them to keep on top of everything without feeling overwhelmed.

When opening Home, Evernote Basic and Premium users will find three default widgets:

  • Notes: Users can select “Recent” notes to quickly pick up where they left off with any project; or choose “Suggested” notes and let Evernote’s powerful AI surface the content needed
  • Scratch Pad: Users can stay in the zone by jotting down quick notes on Home’s scratch pad. Notes can be left there forever, erased or converted into a note at any time.
  • Recently captured: This widget shows users all the rich content saved recently, taking users straight to their web clips, images, documents, audio and emails.

Evernote Premium and Business subscription users also have access to widgets for Notebooks, Pinned Note, Tags and Shortcuts as well as the ability to customise their home background image to fit their personal style. The combination of these widgets provides a powerful way for Evernote users to see their content and manage it all.

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