Your Jabra Elite 85t now come with Alexa in a new software update. #JabraLite85t #Alexa

Jabra has released a new software update to Elite 85t, available in the Jabra Sound+ app, to enable Alexa as a Voice Assistant at the tap of a button. This means now you have an extra voice assistant which is excellent news for users of this great set of earbuds.

Alexa Built-in

With this update, users will now be able to choose Alexa as their preferred Voice Assistant on both Android and iOS by following these steps in the Sound+

If the Alexa app is not yet downloaded, users will be directed to download it from their app store. Once the app is available, users will be directed through the needed steps to set-up Alexa on their phone. Once Alexa has been chosen as preferred Voice Assistant, users will be able to enjoy more Voice Assistant experiences just by double tapping on their right earbud. This means users have access to Alexa features such as:

  • Setting up routines (e.g. Alexa, good morning – plays music, turns on the lights)
  • Getting directions and weather notifications
  • Controlling Spotify
  • Calling contacts from your phonebook

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