Headphones are getting cheaper these days and you are getting better value for your money too and I have noticed this over the last few months and the same applies to TWS earbuds, we have a huge range covered on site and these days there is value to be found rather than shelling out on overpriced products that simply are not worth it, even the budget section has got so good you will not be looking far for a pair of cheap headphones with ANC on board either.

Super EQ is a brand that belongs to One Odio which we review recently and the same logic applies here when it comes to cost to performance ratio at the affordable end. Again I find myself getting real value for money and decent sound to go with it, mainly a plastic but robust build here these are very comfortable and stand out and can be worn for long periods of time with no sweaty earcups which often can happen, there is decent bass and overall a great listening experience as tested like all my headphones with my test loop the delivered on Netflix You Tube and music with good balance and direction with clear definition on instruments and so on, also not too shabby on calls either and overall for the money you cant complain and it gives the consumer a better choice and not having to shell out for APPLE products that cost too much and is hard on parents with demanding teenagers, there is no need I have said it for a while now no matter what the reviews might claim by the same journalists’ all the time you can see a pattern here, OK Apple do make great products but they just cost too much and can be seen as a status symbol, Yes I am looking at their new headphones.

ANC works well and so does ambient mode so for those who like to wear out will be fine and be alert at the same time. You will get around 45 hours of playback with ANC on and 39/40 with BT off and these are fine for long time wearing ,controls are easy to navigate and work well each time and for an overall listening experience you cant go wrong for the price…

Company statement.. We are a manufacturer with over 10 years of audio production experience. By creating a better pair of headphones, we can serve our customers better and foster a fervent passion for our products. Our DJ quality sound was made accessible to the masses. Our over-ear headphones, designed for extra-long listening sessions. We’ve firmly planted our brand(OneOdio) flag in the DJ,Monitor, HIFI industry. Besides, we are also creating more unique sound experiences in the ANC industry over 30 countries in Europe, North America, Asia, etc. So far, we have a certain international brand influence and reputation around the whole globe.

The company sent us these to review with no copy approval, payment and are seeing this the same time as you..

Check the video for more below.. See all the purchase options.

SuperEQ Official Website S1 ANC Headphones 15% OFF
Coupon Code: SM15OFFS1Start date: 3/16/2021 End Date: 3/23/2021

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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