Checkers, popularly referred to as draughts in the U.K, is a beloved board game that transcends time.

Believed to have been invented thousands of years ago, checkers is still as popular, if not more popular than when it was first played in the ancient city of Ur. Over the years, a number of variations have emerged in different parts of the world, with Spanish Draughts, Brazilian Checkers, Russian Checkers and Turkish Dama being some of the most popular.

Although traditionally played 1v1 on actual tabletops, checkers can in the modern day be played anywhere, at any time thanks to apps such as Quick Checkers—a free online checkers game available on iOS and Android devices.

What are some of the app’s impressive features?

Test your skills against random players

Unlike some pastimes which can be dross and unproductive, checkers is actually efficient when it comes to enhancing memory recall and boosting concentration skills. Do you consider yourself the ultimate checkers master? Then prove your worth against random gifted players from all over the world.

Different variations and real world locations

Different variations of checkers are played in different parts of the world.

It is for this reason that Quick Checkers supports multiple variations such as American Checkers/ English Draughts, International Checkers, Spanish Draughts, Brazilian Checkers, Russian Checkers and Turkish Dama—in an effort to accommodate a diverse range of players. Other than that, players can also compete in coveted real world locations such as New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro, provided they level up and earn experience in order to be granted access.

Amazing graphics and competitive ranking system

Quick Checkers not only has amazing graphics but also comes with a swift in-game chat system that conveniently allows you to communicate with friends and other players. Besides that, the competitive ranking system, comprising of a National and Global ranking, enables you to monitor your performances compared to other players from your region and around the globe respectively.

Here are a few of the relevant winning strategies:

Dominate the centre and advance en masse

One of the most widely made mistakes in checkers is positioning pieces on the edges at the start of a game in an effort to avoid capture. This isn’t an appropriate strategy, as it will only limit your options. Therefore, the most recommended strategy would be to place your checkers pieces at the centre of the board whilst advancing en masse.

Dominating the centre of the board will limit your opponent’s movement and increase your chances of capturing, while advancing en masse will ensure that you receive support from your surrounding checkers pieces.

Be the first to reach the king row

Kings are the most prestigious pieces in checkers, as they are permitted to perform a host of additional moves that always come in handy. As such, you should always endeavour to get to the king row first—ahead of your opponent—in order to get promoted.

It goes without saying that the more Kings your acquire, the higher your chances of capturing and winning the game.

Hold your king row in place

As you endeavour to acquire as many Kinged pieces as you can, remember to keep your king row intact for as long as deem fit. Preventing your opponent from getting Kinged pieces will restrict their options of movement and capturing, heavily limiting their strength.

As you apply these strategies, also remember to initiate forced moves, but only if they work in your favour.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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