In today’s tech-driven world, it seems like there are endless options for everything. Photos can come in countless different file formats, same with documents, videos, music, and both hard and software programs. Sometimes we fall into the habit of assuming that whatever format we got a file in is the format it has to stay in. This isn’t the case. There are free online tools that can help you alter up the format of a file to better suit your storage space and what you need the file for. Today we’ll look at just one of these conversions—switching video files into mp3 files—and some of the reasons you might want to do it.

What Is The Difference Between Video Files And MP3 Files?

The video comes in a variety of file types including, Mp4, MOV, or WEBM. These files contain synchronized video and audio. Mp3 files, in contrast, contain only audio, no visual component at all. Because of this, mp3 files take up far less space on storage devices like our phones, cloud storage services, or hard drives. As well, some devices only store and play mp3 files.

The internet is full of videos that we might like to listen to on our commute while working out or cleaning the house—music with music videos, podcasts with video components, interviews, motivational speeches, just to name a few. Converting a video file into an MP3 allows you to listen to the audio without having the video element taking up unnecessary space on your device or distracting you while your eyes need to be elsewhere.

How Do You Convert Them?

Converting files has become effortless thanks to the internet. Online websites will do the conversion for you in minutes. All you have to provide is the URL to the video you’d like to have in audio format.

Specific Song Recordings

Those of us who love music can sometimes end up in a rabbit hole of watching pared-down performances, live recordings, or special channel recordings like Watch Listen Tell, which invites artists to perform acoustic versions of their songs in unusual public locations (creating some fascinating songs). In many instances, these unique performances were not recorded and released on music apps or platforms, meaning the only place we can find the song is in one specific video. For those of us who would love to extract songs from performances like this, a tool that handles YT to Mp3 conversions is the perfect solution. This means any strange video of an obscure musician can be saved and listened to even if you’re away from a screen.

Gather Sound Effects

Those who enjoy making videos are always looking for new sound effects. Same with those who like pranking people. Maybe you simply want the most unique ringtone possible. Whatever the reason you’re in need of sound effects, you can extract whatever sounds they can find in video format (like exotic birds, race cars, foreign cities, etc.) and apply them to whichever video projects or funny moments they want. 


Gather Audio And Quotes

Similarly, you might want to collect classic movie lines, political quotes, meme-worthy interview lines, or any other tidbits of audio for serious or comical videos. If that’s something that appeals to you, you’re going to want to extract the audio portion of the video file so that you can include it with your own visuals or the project you’re working on.

Save Space

We don’t know about you, but at least one person in our friend group on any given day has a phone that’s too full. As mentioned above, mp3 files take up less space which means you can fit more songs or photos, or videos on your devices if you get rid of unnecessary videos. You’d be surprised how much space will be taken up if you download a few videos onto your phone or computer or external storage device. Video files can get pretty big.

Continue Listening Without Internet Connection

There are some fantastic interviews, speeches, and podcast episodes to be found on YouTube and other video platforms. This being said, sometimes the best things are a few hours long, and we’d like to continue listening to them while we’re away from the internet (or just trying to save data because our phone plan is a joke). Converting an online video into an audio file can allow you to take the file away from internet access and listen whenever and wherever you want.

The above situations are just a few of the instances where you might want to convert a video file into an audio file. Once you start converting files occasionally, you’ll find a whole bunch of other reasons to save up interesting or entertaining audio files.

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