FREE NOW to partner with e-scooter operator TIER enabling people to book e-scooters. #TIER #Escooters #FREENOW

The leading multi-mobility platform FREE NOW has partnered with micro-mobility operator TIER, meaning people in Ireland could soon book e-scooters through the FREE NOW app. The partnership will initially launch in eight German cities next month, followed by France before a wider European roll-out, which both companies plan will include Ireland, should TIER be successful in launching an e-scooter rental scheme in one or more Irish cities.

A recent passenger survey revealed growing demand for multi-mobility options among FREE NOW passengers in Ireland, with 59% saying they would like to see additional mobility options available in the app. In response to this demand FREE NOW is progressing plans to add more mobility options to the app, starting with e-scooters and partnering with TIER and other mobility providers as legislation comes into effect.

The partnership follows the Government’s recent announcement that it will legalise e-scooters on roads, with the legislation expected to be passed in the coming months, followed by city tenders. TIER, which recently won highly prized tenders in Paris and Dubai, will partner with FREE NOW in all common markets, with both companies united in their mission to improve urban mobility and reduce dependency on car ownership.

Anyone booking a TIER e-scooter through the FREE NOW app will get the benefit of industry- leading safety features which minimise the risks to riders and the public, including an integrated helmet, indicator lights, shock absorbers and the largest front wheel in the market to better handle varied terrain. They also have triple brakes and a double kickstand which help TIER to lead the sector when it comes to stopping-distance and wind resistance.

Commenting on the announcement, General Manager for FREE NOW Ireland Niall Carson said: “Our new partnership with TIER is another key milestone in the growth of FREE NOW’s multi mobility offering to passengers in cities across Europe. In the Irish market, we welcome this announcement and are working closely with TIER and other leading micro-mobility providers to offer passengers a broader range of transport options in the future. Already in other markets such as Germany and soon in France, we have a mix of taxis, e-scooters, e-bikes, e-mopeds and car sharing on the FREE NOW app, offering a more integrated approach and we look forward to expanding this further in Ireland. We are proud to be working with partners such as TIER who have a strong track record of success with a clear focus on safety, which is of critical importance to us.

Fred Jones, Northern Europe General Manager of TIER, commented: “We are on a mission to transform urban mobility and to do that, we need brilliant global partners, like FREE NOW, who share our vision for greener, less congested cities. 

“This partnership is a major milestone for TIER and we are hugely excited at the potential prospect of rolling out the feature in Ireland, so that Irish riders can have the convenience of booking a ride with the press of a button through the FREE NOW Ireland app.” 

Founded in 2018, TIER  was the first micro-mobility provider in the world to go climate-neutral, and its sustainable approach also applies to its business model, with the company reaching profitability in June 2020, shortly before securing a $250 million Series C fundraising.

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