Twelve South introduces the redesigned ParcSlope stand for MacBook and iPad. #Apple #TwelveSouth #Tech

Twelve South, a leading designer of Apple accessories, today introduces the new redesigned ParcSlope, a sleek metal dual-purpose stand that elevates MacBook screens and angles iPads for more comfort and productivity. ParcSlope is available now for £49.99 from

The Twelve South ParcSlope is a one-piece metal stand that raises a MacBook screen to an optimum viewing position while keeping the keyboard angled and low to the desk for comfortable typing. Whilst the ParcSlope is a great addition to any home office set up, it is also small and light enough that it can be moved around the home in the event users want to work from their kitchen island or dining room table. With ParcSlope, MacBook users will enjoy better ergonomics that help to relieve shoulder and wrist pain, a video call friendly viewing angle and an open wedge design that allows for increased airflow and a cooler, quieter MacBook.

For iPad users, ParcSlope angles the device to a wrist-friendly 18-degree angle that’s perfect for sketching, creative work, note taking or performing music. The matte black easel stand is sturdy and holds every iPad (except iPad mini) in a landscape or portrait mode. ParcSlope even allows users to turn their iPad into a mini desktop by pairing it with a wireless keyboard providing an even smarter way to work.

A must-have for MacBook and iPad users, this versatile modern stand also features tiny ridges along the top that are just enough to allow the MacBook screen to swing freely open, while a lip at the front of the stand enables users to open their MacBook with one hand while gravity holds the notebook in place. Additionally, an oval cutout at the back of the stand holds cables securely when an iPad or MacBook is not in use.

The Twelve South ParcSlope is available now for £49.99 from

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