Tech Review – ProLab Mouse. A new way to control technology. #Prolab #Tech

We are all fond of and use to the standard mouse and remote control and we all have some in the house the thing is though they cost money and they are often lost but how about one gadget to control all your bluetooth devices give presentations and do everything these other gadgets do well there is now a new product on kickstarter called the ProLab mouse and having used it over the last few days it is a neat gadget to own and some might argue it is a solution to a problem we do not have but if you are a multidevice user it is not the case and can be quite handy is is more effective than one might think when you begin to see how it can be used and given its size and the price it is a must for those like me who have multiple gadgets in the house and especially projectors. Selfie fans can also rejoice here and so is smart phone users as this can make life so easy if you want to use your smartphone as a companion device beside your workspace.

The Future of Smart Controllers – ProLab explains..

There’s nothing like the ProLab Mouse. Without question, we’ve designed the smallest and most advanced control hub in the world. Weighing just 8g (.3 oz), the ProLab Mouse puts full control of your smart devices right at your fingertips. This valuable tool for work and play is a combination of an air mouse, a keyboard and a remote PPT/camera /media controller. Using Bluetooth technology, the ProLab Mouse instantly connects to most laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This allows you to control music, videos, web navigation, and more. Change settings at the touch of a button, and enjoy digital control with no limits.

The ProLab Mouse is ultra-compact, weighing only 8g and is no larger than a Bluetooth earphone. It is also easy to hold and even easier to use. With its 360-degree rotated trackball and four clicker buttons, it only takes one hand to control dozens of different functions. Once you hold the ProLab Mouse, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

The ProLab Mouse features three different easy-to-use modes: Air Mouse Mode, Media Mode, and Keyboard Mode. A single touch of the Side Button allows you to easily switch from one mode to the next.


Battery Life: 15 Hours

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.2

Bluetooth connection distance: 10m

Input Voltage: DC-5V 500mA

Weight: 8g / 0.3 oz

Dimensions: 29*29*13.5mm / 1.14*1.14*0.53in

Compatibility: iOS, iPad OS, Android, Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, Linux and more

Check out the video below for more and do support them on KICKSTARTER any questions feel free to ask, I have been using this for a bit and find it very useful and it really is an all in one hub control unit..

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