First look and Unboxing – The SOUL S-Fit S-Nano and Sync ANC true wireless #SOUL #Tech

The good folks over at SOUL have sent us over three of their latest true wireless earbuds in to test and straight off the bat I love the colours on offer here which moves away from the traditional Black and White offerings which is all but to common these days, these colours really pop and remind me of the Nokia Lumia days when they where a thing with those eye popping polycarbonate colours which I have plenty of still here.

The SOUL NANO are the smallest of the trio we have here but pack a punch, these are the first pair I am currently testing and at first look I am impressed and the tiny case is a popular hit here in the house and have asked about them on social media. Read more on them here

The SYNC ANC come with fast charging ACC codec and much more and again affordable in comparison to features you get in more expensive earbuds, Read more on them here

The S-FIT which again are affordable are for those who lead the more active life and the design language shows the difference here between the other two with FREEBIT which is a built in wing for a secure fit, Again these are packed with all the latest features and affordable, see more here.

Any questions feel free to hit us up below or on our social handles and watch out for our real hands on full reviews soon and enjoy the unboxing experience below.



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