The Kimafun Wireless Microphone as stated on the box is a Wireless Microphone with a Lapel Clip Mic Voice Amplifier Mini Mic. This can be used for presenting lectures or meetings or use the  Headset Microphone for more active movement in e.g. an exercise class. The technology  used is  2.4G wireless transmission technology, given a 50-meter wireless connection ( albeit only practical of this range  in an area of no barrier between the transmitter and receiver.)

 Setup and use.

The Transmitter and receiver require to be charged initially with the supplied cables, Micro USB dual-head charging cable, charging both simultaneously. Once charged subject to the range used a fully charged battery power can work for approx. 6-8 hours of use.  The Transmitter and receiver are pre-pared and do not require any pairing, (as would be expected from Bluetooth technology) The Receiver is plugged into the power amplifier with the transmitter plugged into either type of microphone. There is no requirement for a technical nature to set up the equipment. Connecting to a smartphone using the y connector would require a little easy reading or to a Laptop.  The microphone is suitable for smartphones, laptops, desktops, PC,  or speakers.  Note when connecting to e.g., a speaker there is a requirement to have a minimum of 15w Power on the device to amply the sound as the microphone will only transmit the sound and not boost it.  If you use a  connection to an android phone you will have to check the setting on the recording app and change this to record from an external mic rather than the android internal mic.

 2.4G wireless transmission technology,

This frequency is known, as used in the typical home router, cordless phone, Bluetooth earpiece, baby monitor, etc. this allows for a stable, secure 50 Meter range wireless connection (if tested with no obstacles in between the transmitter or receiver) This has the advantage over the Bluetooth range and transmits clear sound, with no interference/echo.


Setup is easy but there is the possibility to lose many of the accessories as the kit does not come with a carrier bag to protect the device. The audio quality is good where used e.g., Phone/camera voice recording, live broadcasting on Podcast, Skype/teams calling, Teaching, Audio/Video Recording on YouTube, professional audio devices. conference, speech, etc. The advantage of this gives excellent range, up to 50 M.  secure stable wireless connection. The material quality felt strong and sturdy and have no hesitation in recommending this for use as good quality sound at a reasonable price.




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