Mobistealth is one of the best spy apps with unique features. It is compatible with a wide range of phones. The user interface of Mobistealth is also is the best. An app is spy software installed on devices to track its activities. The size of the app is about 1MB. 

Many people or family members sometimes need to track other members. One of the critical usages of mobile spy app is that it allows for tracking your device. In case you lost your phone, or it is stolen, or you forgot it somewhere, Mobistealth will make it convenient for you to recover or reach your device.

  • Installing the spy app on a smartphone is easy and require just a few steps.  The steps are described below for those who are not aware of the app installation process.
  • Go to the home screen, click the menu and check the unknown sources option in the settings.
  • Open the mobile browser and open the link given by the Mobistealth. The mobile spy app installation will start on your phone.
  • When the downloading is complete, open the notification menu and confirm the installation by pressing the download finished. As it is a spy app, it is not named Mobistealth, the name of the app on your device will be SecurePhone. Click the install button, and you will be done with the installation process.

Restart the phone to make sure Mobistealth is ready to perform desired functions. After 5-10 minutes of installation, the data is uploaded on the Mobistealth. Now you can monitor all the activities of the phone.

The spy app can save personal information, contact information, monitor the activities on the Google, YouTube or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter even it can keep the sensitive data like password and account details of the owner.

How Does Mobistealth Work?

Mobistealth is installed on a mobile device and then connected to the website where all the phone data is uploaded. From there you can check the message and calls and with the browsing history and other information you are concerned.

Spying on Calls/SMS/ pictures/videos

After few minutes of installing the spy app on the phone, you will see the messages, call history of the mobile, access the browsing history, and all the phone data, including the pictures and videos. The phone you are spying does not indicate that the other person accesses the data on the phone.


The spy app can easily trace the location. Now and then, location data is updated. You can adjust the time interval for which you need to be informed about the user’s location. Location accuracy can get optimized based on your needs. And this is a handy feature if you have lost your cell phone, you can easily reach its location and make it possible to get it back.


The recording is the most useful and exciting function that you can perform through Mobistealth. You can record the calls on the phones without the person knowing it. Also, the Mobistealth is so highly developed that it can record the surrounding voices.

The most exciting thing about the spying app is that it does not notify the person using the mobile phone. He/she will have no idea that someone is observing and recording every single activity on the phone.

One thing that’s important to mention here is that the free app will have limited features. There will be no assistance if you face technical difficulties related to Mobistealth.

Which App Is Better Than Mobistealth?

Several apps are used for spying. Mobistealth reviews by the people are very positive and cheerful. Some of the other cell phone tracking reviews are given below.

Mspy: Mspy is a parental app. They use it to keep an eye on their children. Firstly, it shows the location of the user. And this is important for a parent, so they know where their child is. Secondly, the children having mobile phone and internet may be involved in unethical activities.

This app is handy to keep a strict check on social media chats and browsing on the internet.

Spyder: the best thing about spyder is that you do not need to root the target audience. Also, it has a very convenient interface that is easy to use. It can track location, can spy call logs and monitor application activities.

XNSPY: this is the spying app that can be used on all iPhones, iPods and smartphones. It requires one-time access on the device; once the setup runs, it is easy to spy on the device location, messages, calls, internet browsing, and social media activities.

People have a different liking and mobile spy app reviews based on their experience

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