Tech review and giveaway. NONDA ZUS smart vehicle health monitor. #NONDA #ZUS #Motoring

The NONDA ZUS smart vehicle health monitor is a handy tool to have in your vehicle and the company is giving away 2 MILLION of these OBD kits, We are also giving one away to our viewers in Ireland with FREE postage, to win just like and subscribe to our channel via the full video below. I have tested this device on two vehicles I have and it works great and this can save you money in the long run, the app is excellent and easy to navigate and we go through all this in the video below.

Anyone can claim one of these for free but you must pay for the postage costs there is 2 million up for grabs so your chances are good to claim one check out the video for more on how it works and how to claim and also win a free one here in Ireland.


  • nonda is giving away 2 million devices as part of their “Tech Up, Drive Safer” campaign. The accompanying iOS and Android apps are free as well. 
  • The device retails for $59.99. 
  • People who claim a free device are responsible for shipping costs. 

o  $14.82 for US – UPS first-class shipping with tracking – 3-5 day delivery period. 

  • The device should work on all cars (US and international) with an OBD II Port, which includes most cars  manufactured after 1996 as well as electric vehicles. 

People can enter their car’s year, make, and model to check if it’s compatible on your giveaway page. If the device doesn’t work, refunds for the shipping fee are available via nonda’s customer service. Nonda is headquartered in Mountain View, CA and was founded in 2014.

See our You Tube channel for local giveaway…


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