Virtually Human Studio signs Three-Year Agreement with ATARI boosting entertainment experience on the blockchain. #ATARI #VHS #Gaming #Blockchain

Video game industry pioneer ATARI and entertainment startup Virtually Human Studio (VHS) announce they have signed a three-year deal to further bring the beloved and iconic ATARI brand into blockchain and NFT gaming.

 VHS, creators of ZED RUN, a game of skill and strategy built on the Ethereum network, allows players to interact with non-fungible tokens in the form of cryptographically unique racehorses. VHS and ATARI will work together to introduce rare and collectible in-game items designed to reflect ATARI’s most memorable games such as Asteroids®, Centipede®, Missile Command®, Pong®, and more.

 The deal gives VHS full usage of ATARI’s complete catalogue of licenced game assets, logos and marks including in-game sponsorship and brand visibility across the ZED RUN gaming platform.


ZED RUN will offer an exclusive ATARI Breeding Program, featuring a series of rare racehorses from which players will be able to spawn offspring for a limited time. Each of these collectible ATARI digital racehorses will be auctioned off to the highest bidder once the Breeding Program concludes.

 To further showcase how blockchain gaming can bridge the gap with traditional gaming, ATARI will also contribute its signature cryptocurrency ATRI (Atari tokens) towards ZED RUN events. These official ATARI-sponsored racing events will include tournament-based qualifiers with main event sessions set to a weekly racing schedule. Bonus ATARI tokens will be rewarded to users for both the qualifier and main events, creating increased utility and demand for ATRI.

 “Partnering with the legendary ATARI brand is an honour. Partnerships like this strengthen our work, reputation and progress within the blockchain and entertainment space. We are deliberate with partnerships that propel us toward expansion and the improvement of the applications we build,” said CEO and Co-founder of VHS Chris Laurent.

 CEO of ATARI Fred Chesnais said, “We see the vast potential in NFT gaming on the blockchain. VHS showcases what is uniquely possible with blockchain technology for entertainment. Working together with VHS enables us to introduce our loyal ATARI community to an exciting new game such as ZED RUN as we take steps to play our part in shaping the blockchain gaming and technology space.

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