CLCKR Debuts Innovative Prong & 3M Smartphone Car Mounts for Safe Usage While on the Go

CLCKR, the mobile phone accessory company, has launched two new mobile phone car mounts for CES 2021: the Prong and the 3M mount. Both car mounts make it safe and easy for drivers to take hands-free calls or easily view GPS directions while  on the road. 


 Prong CLCKR Car Mount 

The Prong & The 3M Car Mounts 

CLCKR’s Prong Car Mount securely attaches to most standard air vents on a vehicle’s dashboard — allowing drivers to quickly view their device for GPS directions. The mount uses a simple yet  effective magnetic design featuring an innovative money-style silver clip which slides onto the user’s  existing CLCKR case or Universal grip and stays securely in place until removed. The CLCKR clip then  magnetically attaches to the mount clipped onto the vehicle’s air vent. This new, slim design  eliminates the need for sticky or bulky magnets and offers the user a removable solution. The Prong  Mount will retail for £16.99. 

For vehicles without traditional air vents, the CLCKR 3M Car Mount features a heavy-duty sticky side  that allows the mount to be securely attached to the dashboard, without leaving behind any sticky  residue. 

Phil Mullholland, CLCKR Brand Director, comments: “With today’s on-the-go mentality, smartphone  users need to be able to make hands-free calls from their device safely and easily. The Prong Car  Mounts are the perfect way to do just this thanks to our innovative magnetic clip. Featuring a first to-market design, the removable clip makes the Prong Mount compatible with all current CLCKRs so  CLCKR fans can easily begin using the mount with their existing cases and Universal grips.”

 The Car Mounts will be available in February 2021.


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