Having tools to switch to PDF format is a must-have today. In turn, there’s no need to worry if you don’t have these online tools. There’s a free online alternative that allows users to freely convert Microsoft Word Documents to PDF. This online alternative is PDFBear and is an online tool that you should definitely try today.

PDFBear’s Word to PDF can handle any Microsoft Word to PDF conversion. The file can either be in DOC or DOCX, and this PDFBear tool will have no problems in converting it to PDF. Quality is also something that you shouldn’t worry about, as PDFBear has that covered. Here are more reasons why PDFBear is in the lead in providing these PDF conversions.

How To Use The Converter

One common question among anyone using this Word to PDF tool for the first time is how do they use it. Will they need to acquire any type of tech skill or savvy to manipulate the converter successfully? Luckily, that won’t be the case with PDFBear’s Word to PDF converter as it will do all the heavy-lifting in converting any DOCX or DOC to PDF for you.

PDFBear uses a four-step Word to PDF conversion. This four-step process is also incredibly easy to follow, and there won’t be any need to read any manual. The Word to PDF process starts when you upload the Word document on the converter tool itself. Next, PDFBear will scan the document, whether it’s DOC or DOCX.

The conversion should commence once PDFBear’s Word to PDF converter finishes scanning the document. You also wouldn’t need to get up out of your seat while you wait for the process to finish. This Word to PDF converter should complete the process in around a minute. In turn, you’ll be able to download the PDF instantly to any device you’re using.

Direct Conversion

PDFBear’s online Word to PDF converter can directly convert any Microsoft Word document to PDF. It can keep the integrity of any Word document while you convert it to PDF format. Rest assured that everything in the DOC or DOCX file, from data to format, will be retained. Converting any Word file to PDF has never been this easy before, thanks to PDFBear.

PDFBear’s online Word to PDF converter is 100% capable of providing a convenient PDF conversion. The four-step Word to PDF process is a testament to its straightforward and simplified approach in which everyone can enjoy for free. Gone are those days wherein you had to resort to using complicated processes to convert Word to PDF!

Just let this online Word to PDF converter work its magic and convert any Word document to PDF for you. It requires minimal input, and you can accurately and correctly convert Word to PDF in just a few clicks!

User-Friendly Online Converter

PDFBear’s online Word to PDF converter is a very user-friendly tool. Anyone who wants to convert Word to PDF doesn’t need to change the settings of this converter tool. PDFBear already equipped this online Word to PDF converter with the best settings to make things easier. Simply upload, and this PDFBear tool will do the rest. 

PDFBear will do all the heavy lifting there is regarding Word to PDF conversions. You don’t have to stress yourself and worry about if this tool’s settings will produce an accurate result. PDFBear will produce an accurately converted Word document to PDF every single time.

PDFBear’s online Word to PDF converter should give you a downloadable outcome in no more than two minutes. In turn, you can swiftly convert any MS Word document to PDF and shift your focus to other essential tasks. Without a doubt, PDFBear has all the essentials regarding a convenient Word to PDF conversion covered for you.

Word to PDF On The Cloud

Converting Word to PDF won’t require any downloading or installing of any offline software. PDFBear processes all Word to PDF conversions through the PDFBear Cloud System. This Cloud System should allow users to convert Word to PDF anywhere and anytime. 

The PDFBear Cloud System is also the main reason why converting Word to PDF, or any other PDF conversion processes, won’t utilize any system memory on your part. Converting Word to PDF won’t use up any processing bandwidth of your computer, nor will it hamper your GPU capacity.

Word to PDF On Any Platform

Sitting on a different system that doesn’t support DOC or DOCX shouldn’t be an issue with PDFBear. PDFBear can work on any operating system or platform such as Windows, Mac, or even Linux-based systems. In turn, you should be able to freely convert Word to PDF using any of the aforementioned platforms. 

PDFBear also makes itself and its converter tools available on smartphones. Mobile platforms and operating systems, namely iOS, and Android, can support PDFBear’s converter tools. Simply access the PDFBear portal through any of the Internet browsing apps on your smartphone.


Yes, you may convert any Word document to PDF for free on PDFBear. This free Word to PDF conversion will also entitle you to a conversion done accurately and in high-quality. But, a free membership can only allow you a certain number of conversions. If you have a long list of Microsoft Word documents to convert, subscribe to PDFBear PRO.

PDFBear PRO offers a wide array of added features and perks. These perks and features should make the task of converting Word to PDF a whole lot easier. It only costs $5.99, which is an incredibly low offer for unlimited use of a well-rounded Word to PDF converter.


PDFBear is clearly a no-brainer for this type of pdf conversion. It uses a standard process that consistently produces error-free outcomes. The online converter tool is also user-friendly, increasing its appeal to people who need it but don’t have any superior tech skills. For any converting DOC or DOCX to PDF format, choose PDFBear. 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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