I have been using the OPPO Reno 4 Z now for some weeks and it is a really compelling device for the money and one to consider, the cost to performance ratio has been a win for the consumer now with mobiles phones over 1000 euros are a thing of the past and more a status symbol these days as they where years ago when we paid silly money for phones, One stand out time for me was spending 800 lids on a Nokia 800 which had a dreadful battery life.

Of course 5G is the trend most are starting to jump on and I have a 5G sim and the service is mediocre and I shall not name the company I am with but for now I would not bother with 5G just yet as it is a poor service right now but later on we will come back to that when it is up and fully running. This device though has future proofed itself having 5G on board so for those who want to adopt 5G and get a cheap phone that packs it all the Reno4 Z is one to consider easily. One might argue there is several Chinese brands that have better specs for less well that is fine and valid until something goes wrong with it and no base here in Ireland to help you out with the logistics of returning such devices.

We wont bore you too much with specs but I have gone through the device with the unboxing experience below and a walkthrough of the features and then later on some videos and images from the device, overall it is a solid performer on both camera and video and you will be impressed and it makes for a great point and shoot camera with most shots turning out rather well and then you can yourself play with the settings to get the shots you want but it delivers well both day and night and for me it was a nice result.

The first thing you will note on this device is how light it is and this can be a good thing or bad thing it depends, I have multiple devices here and some rather heavy and some like this  which is light, I like to know my phone is in my pocket and with this you would forget it is there after a while but seeing both sides of the story here I do not mind you can argue too who wants a heavy device weighing your pockets down so either for me is fine it is down to personal choice really. OK it is not an aluminium framed phone but it does look good with the new term “glastic” back giving it a bit more of a premium look.

The second thing you will notice is the phones display at 6.57 inch with 120Hz it is crisp and clean offering great media consumption and also scrolling is a breeze with no lag, you will note it is not a metal build but it does not look cheap by any means at all nor does it feel cheap in comparison to others, there is the pill type dual camera on the screen which might not be for everyone same as the hole punch but this is subjective and fine with me as I have so many phones it does not bother me at all to be honest.

You get 8GB RAM and 128GB storage so there is plenty of room here for 4K lovers as it will eat up your memory quick and at this price point it is a good spec on the storage offering. Shooting video in 4K will be what you want to use to get the most out of the device and for all the camera settings to the max to get the best results.

Battery life is quite good I am a power user and crucify phone batteries and this one is good, if you are the average joe you will get two days but a power user will certainly not and once you start watching hours of Netflix and You Tube you will notice a quick decrease in battery life but you can top up on the go with a powerbank etc

Could a power user use it as a daily driver? Well I could and still do and it does all the tasks I typically do on a day to day basic with no hiccups at all and that is no mean feat considering the other devices I use this is a good valued smartphone that has 5G as a USP but it offers much more all round. For multitasking on a daily basis using the web, social media even gaming this device has served me well and when compared to more expensive devices it is just as good coming in much cheaper with 5G on board with a great screen which is an IPS LCD and better than others I have used. In short you cant go wrong really.. You can pick this device online or via three and eir for just €289.99

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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