Tech Review – Edifier G2 II USB gaming headphones. #Edifier #Gaming #Tech

Edifier recently launched the G2 II gaming headset and we have been testing it out and as expected with any product from Edifier no matter the price point they deliver on the audio aspect even at entry level prices which is the same for their TWS earbuds, One of their cheapest earbuds for example the X3 TWS that come in at approx. 35 euros deliver on sound and quality at this price point and excels others. With their gaming headphone range this is no different and this is an affordable headset that delivers.

There is a simple inline control panel that allows you to turn on/off the mic and switch on/off the RGB effects and a volume wheel on the side it could not be easier to use although there is no EQ built in for tone adjustment which is fine the sound that comes from the headset is well balanced and will immerse you into the gameplay and blocks all external noise. Comfort would be another factor here to weigh in on as most gamers spend hours on their gameplay and these are fine here too with the soft cups and headband , The mic is good too with clear sound both ends and overall it will be an enjoyable experience for whoever picks these up.

Main Features:

  • 7.1 surround sound offering 360° sound positioning, accelerating your advantage.
  • 50mm driver unit produces clear sound and excellent low-frequency performance.
  • Noise-cancelling detachable microphone for uninterrupted game play.
  • Dynamic RGB light effects.
  • Comfortable wearing for longevity.


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