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If you have an old mobile phone, you might wonder how to sell it if you haven’t done it before. It could also happen a new model has caught your fancy, and you are planning to sell your old handset at the earliest. It makes sense to sell old mobile phones online and get some cash in return, which you can use to fund the new purchase. 

It is true that you cannot expect a lot in return, but you can always expect a decent sum if you have kept your device in good condition. Let’s explore how you can get the maximum cash by selling your old mobile phone.

How does selling of mobile phones work

Selling an old mobile is straightforward. Here are some steps involved in the process.

Researching the best price

When you think of selling old mobile phones, you will have to find a buyer who can offer maximum value. There are several specialist mobile buying companies online form where you can receive a free quote by specifying the condition of your handset. If you are happy with the offer, you can submit your details and address. The buyer would then send you the packaging material in which you will have to ship the handset.

Sending the package

You will receive some important forms that you will have to fill and add to the package. It will contain the details about yourself and the handset. You will then have to ship the package via the post office.

Awaiting the payment

The buying company will inspect the handset after receiving the package. They will tally the condition of the device with what you had advertised. The company will offer you a lower amount in case there are any discrepancies in the condition of the handset. You can reject the offer if you are unhappy with the offer price. The company would then ship the device to you free of cost. It will be business as usual if you are happy with the offer. You can expect the payment within a few days. 

Important considerations before selling the phone

Selling mobile phones is straightforward. Yet, here are a couple of significant things to remember when you get started.

Getting the best price

If you think you have received the best offer, don’t simply stop your pursuit and search for some different sites too. You can get even better rates. The rates offered by various buyers can differ altogether. Significant specs like the inbuilt memory size can affect the sum you get. If you have a 64GB variation of any cell phone, you ought to request more than the one that has 32GB limit. You can likewise search for specialist companies that recycle cell phones and sites that have frequent promotional deals.

Photo by from Pexels

Checking the handset

When you sell your mobile phone, it is fundamental to review it thoroughly. It will give you a reasonable thought of how much amount you should request. If your device has damages, you should be clear about it forthright. Concealing anything won’t help as the buyer will, in any case, drop the deal if they come to realize that you had lied about the actual condition of your cell phone.

Resetting the mobile phone

It is crucial to reset the device to prevent your personal information falling into the hands of a stranger. Resetting the information is a basic process whether you are an Android or Apple user. Most companies don’t acknowledge handsets that have data on them. You should back up the information to a safe location before resetting the device. You would then be able to restore the information later in your new handset.

Where to sell old mobile phones online

There are plenty of specialist mobile phone buyers online, like Rapid Phone Buyers. We help you make the selling of mobile phones a seamless process. All you need to get started is to receive a free quote from us by adding all your details accurately. We are swift in our processes and ensure that you get the cash at the earliest. We deal with various brands and models of mobile phones. Please browse through our website to know the different models we deal with. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to receive a free quote, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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