Tech Review – KIKR S1 (2-in-1 Phone/Tablet stand with Dual 10W Wireless Chargers) #KIKR #Tech

Wireless charging is something everyone should adopt it is more convenient and for two other reasons, it saves you on cables and saves your port as these are always things to go bust and meaning you have to spend on more later on. This new product though solves both and can charge two devices at once and it is also compact and does not take up much room either and ideal for your bedside locker or just to have it beside you in your office set-up.

It has a foldable One-Piece Integrated Design compact and portable, you can put S1 in your pocket and take it anywhere so it is not confined to use at home either and it is a great solution and saves you carrying cables too and loosing them as often the case we tend to forget our chargers on trips etc..

Another great feature here it is not a fixed product, most wireless chargers are fixed this can be adjusted to suit an angle you prefer this applies to the phone part not the base which can be used to charge your phone too and earbuds etc so there is some flexibility here and I like how you can angle the unit and height. This is a well built product with a good design and a must have for those whom have adopted wireless charging.On a side note this can also be a very useful product for media consumption too and is handy again for your bedside locker or to have sat beside your PC at home or in the office and gives you the option to have social media,emails etc on the screen at hand saving you tabs on your PC and so on. Check out the video below for the full tour and review.

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