Videography includes production and post-production. We are in the digital- world, where high-quality cameras are available for creating professional and personal videos. With excellent footage, you can create short films with a superior soundtrack using video editing software.

Years ago, editing videos required expensive equipment and software. Today, we have a lot of free editing tools for professionals with little or no expertise. There are many open-source video editing tools with flagship set features and a robust framework that delivers the output equal to a Hollywood movie. Fully featured video editors are polished and well organized with brawny capabilities. If you have little interest in creating and editing videos, then that software is for your hunger minds.

For Beginners, we recommend free editing software before choosing paid versions. Most free editing softwares have almost all features present in the paid versions and limit the users to some advanced techniques that only professional and experienced persons require.


So which free video editing software to use?

There are lots of free editing software suitable for desktop for creating promotional videos. Here is the compilation of the best video editing software across the web.


Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC has various tools to create videos, edit them, and fine-tune them without pressure. It is an easy and elaborate tool to collaborate with multiple people. Premiere Pro works on all platforms and does more than basic video editing. It integrates with Adobe, and you can get many latest features from the Adobe store for your editing jobs. The key features of the software are 3D editing and Multi-cam editing. All the top professionals use it for creating videos from commercials to YouTube. Its integration with Adobe enables you to access Adobe after effects to adobe stock. 


  • Creative cloud library. 
  • Multiple video types and formats.
  • Lumetri color tool.
  • Motion graphic templates.
  • VR video and audio editing. 
  • 360- degree VR footage.
  • Multiple user interfaces.
  • Multi-cam support.
  • It provides a sharable link and enables direct publishing.
  • Graphics and Tilting enabled videos.
  • Transitions effects and labels. 
  • Video trimming during playback.

Premiere Pro CC provides a high degree of precision and control for trimming and editing the videos. The auto-sync mode can handle multi-angle shots and can be imported from any source. The latest features of the 14.4 release have an auto-detect option to detect the cuts and add edits to the video. With a limited-time free trial software, you can learn the basics used in the professional editing tools.


Moviemaker 10

Moviemaker is a simple free video editing software suitable for Windows applications. If you want to learn the basics and make quick edits, then you can use this tool. The free version contains pictures and video editing tools with many auto modes. The animation’s tabs are simple to add titles and music. You can download this from the Microsoft store to your system. The photos and videos stored in the default pictures are chosen and arranged in the app for customization.


  • Auto preview.
  • Transition Overlays.
  • Great stabilization.
  • Voice over and audio features with timeline narration.
  • Video trimming.
  • Title customization.

The benefit of movie maker 10 is its automatic preview, user-friendliness, and simple controls. It has both basic features and workflow elements made for professional editors. It has excellent customer service and supports smartphones and desktops. If you want to create business videos for small and medium businesses, movie maker 10 is the right choice.


InVideo is the best tool for beginners and professionals. It is an excellent choice for publishers, agencies, marketers, and individuals who want to create and edit videos without previous editing experience in minutes. You can make an excellent presentation and all types of engaging videos with optimum quality using this tool. 

Large corporations, agencies, and small businesses use their templates and editing tools for creating marketing and news videos for social media.


  • Big library of templates.
  • It has high- definition video exports.
  • Image and video library.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Excellent 24/7 customer care.
  • ON – screen editing.
  • AI-enabled video assistant.
  • Shareable links.

InVideo’s online platform helps you create videos to reflect your branding with more than 35,000 ready- to- use templates, a million videos, and 3 million footages. It has almost every feature required for creating a video, such as drag and drop, image animation, text- to –speech conversion, auto-preview, voice-overs addition, adding team members, and advanced editing options.


Corel Videostudio Ultimate 

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is a reliable video editor with optimum features to guide beginners in creating high-quality videos. It is one of the software that can edit 4k, 360 – degree video editing options and powerful features required by an intuitive video editor. It is simple to use. All you need is to select a template and add your media to it. While playing the video, you can add the soundtrack and other effects. It also has a screen recorder to record both the webcam and screen simultaneously.


  • 4K display.
  • It has video masking and blending options.
  • Creative content and titles addition.
  • It has editing tools and shortcuts.
  • 360- degree VR footage.
  • Painting creator.
  • Enhanced User Interface ( UI).
  • Multi-cam addition.
  • Stop-motion creator.
  • It has lens correction for equirectangular videos and dual fisheye.

Corel is a good choice for beginners and is easy to use. The software was developed as a non-linear editing tool with excellent customer support. They listen to the suggestion from the customers for improvements. 360- degrees VR support has rabbit hole effects, transitions and filters, tiny planet effects, and 360- degree title effects. This software runs on Windows only.



Video content holds the top-notch in social media. If you want to hone your brand, you need excellent videos. There are many intro makers for YouTube videos like this one here, Instagram, and Twitter accounts in the market. Among those, I prefer InVideo for beginners and intermediates. InVideo understands the requirement of the customer’s uploads new features and provides extensive customer support.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.