emporia, the Austrian-based retiree phone brand, that launched in the UK and Ireland at the start of the year, has made its ground-breaking Training Book the focus of its latest advertising campaign. emporia has found that its Training Book is the breakthrough enabler to help older users to become confident using a smartphone and stay digitally connected.


The 135 page simple to navigate Training Book has been developed for those who have not previously used a smartphone, or for existing owners, to build their confidence and get the most out of the experience. It allows them at their own pace to understand what a smartphone is and how to use it. Topics include Wi-Fi and bluetooth and how to connect to them, through to how to make a voice, WhatsApp or video call. It also explains basics which many already familiar with technology take for granted, such as how to swipe and use a screen, download and use apps or Google maps.



The demand for the Training Book is driven by two factors; that 76% of those aged over 66 do not use a smartphone so have little experience of its capabilities. And secondly, even if a person has a smartphone, following retirement, device use drops from over three hours a day to around 15 minutes. The less people use it, the less they will use its functionality leading to forgetting how to make full use of the device or basic feature handling. The Training Book not only introduces people to how they can make the most of a smartphone, because it is paper based, but it also acts as a reference to go back to if users become unsure or forget how to do certain activities. Most importantly, they can do this independently without help.


Feedback from consumers since the launch in January has been incredible, including a 94 year old lady who has never owned a smartphone before and used the Training Book to get herself connected and happily using the device daily.


Drawing on its 29 years experience in the sector, emporia hired an expert trainer to develop and write the Training Book. Over a two year period, hundreds of interviews and group feedback sessions took place to ensure the content, layout and exercises cover all the areas a first-time smartphone user may need help with.


Chris Millington


Chris Millington, managing director of emporia UK and Ireland said: “At emporia our philosophy is ‘simple is the new smart’ and we apply that approach to everything we do. We are passionate about the retiree market and we know that this Training Book will transform the way phone users in this audience segment will connect digitally. Our customers want to independently build their knowledge and boost confidence around using a smartphone and our Training Book ticks all those boxes.


“The online campaign has been developed to generate significant traffic to emporia’s growing range of retail partners, including several key, new retail relationships which will be announced soon.


“The COVID situation reinforces the ongoing challenges faced with getting the older generation digitally connected. To help with isolation, we saw relatives giving a parent or grandparent an old smartphone or even a new one to Facetime or WhatsApp, but they did not continue using them because they are complex for this audience and rely on someone to teach and remind them how to use it. The combination of an emporia simple-to-use smartphone and the Training Book addresses these issues and ensures that retirees independently master the technology and remain digitally connected to their friends, family and the wider world.”


For more information on emporia’s products, please visit: www.emporiatelecom.co.uk

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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