The second generation of the TG D70 and the TG I51 impress musicians with the unmistakable sound from beyerdynamic

Heilbronn, September 22nd, 2020 – beyerdynamic is expanding its product portfolio with two new microphones within the Touring Gear (TG) series. The dynamic kick drum microphone TG D70 and the instrument microphone TG I51 are characterized by a clear sound spectrum and a robust construction. The two microphones are made from high-quality materials at the Heilbronn production site. Thanks to the robust zinc die-cast housing and compact design, both microphones are ideally suited for everyday studio and stage use. At a recording session in the in-house recording studio in Heilbronn, Jost Nickel, drummer at Jan Delay & Disko No. 1, be the first to convince you of the new microphones.

Unbeatable on the kick drum: The TG D70

The 2nd generation of the TG D70 is the specialist among drum microphones. Equipped with a large diaphragm, it was specially designed for use on the kick drum. The sound recording works quickly and easily from the start. The TG D70 is particularly narrow and therefore fits through every hole in a conventional kick drum. In addition, the microphone can also be at the Caj ó n and be placed on bass guitar amp, optimal capture to the sound of the instruments.

Versatile use on the instrument: The TG I51

As an all-rounder, the TG I51 gets the best out of every instrument – whether on the snare and the toms of the drums, on the electric guitar amplifier or on the brass instrument. The microphone impresses with its excellent sound quality. Thanks to its slim shape and short shaft, it can be easily attached to the tripod or snare using the popular beyerdynamic MKV 87 microphone clamp. The microphone is a real asset and relief for producers and sound engineers.

The legendary M88 capsule in a new shape

With the 2nd generation of the TG D70, the further development of the world-famous M 88 capsule from beyerdynamic ensures even better sound quality than the previous model. The capsule system is elastically mounted so that no impacts from the floor are transmitted via the tripod. The legendary microphone capsule is characterized by its crystal-clear and unadulterated sound.



Precision in noisy environments

The hypercardioid characteristic of the TG D70 ensures good shielding against ambient noise and prevents acoustic feedback. The microphone completely suppresses sound from the rear and only detects side sound extremely quietly. The dynamic microphone is therefore particularly suitable for recording drums in noisy environments such as live concerts.

Well-known artist is the first to play

At a recording session in the in-house recording studio in Heilbronn, Jost Nickel, drummer at Jan Delay & Disko No. 1, be the first to convince you of the new microphones. -Definitely worth having for a whole new level of music recording experience. Explore other options on the best dynamic microphones for live and home recording on— Nickel can also be heard on songs by a number of national stars such as Sasha, SEEED and Johannes Oerding. Thanks to the long-term cooperation between the native Berlin-based manufacturer and the traditional manufacturer from Heilbronn, the first pieces of music have already been recorded with the new microphones. The exclusive recording session can be seen in this video .

Availability and prices

The TG D70 and TG I51 are now available in the online shop at at a recommended retail price of 219.00 euros (TG D70 including VAT) and 119.00 euros (TG I51 including VAT). Both microphones are supplied with an integrated clip and bag and will soon also be available from specialist retailers.

TG D70:

TG I51:

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