The first impressions of the SoundBlasterx G6, was very sleek but looked strong as compared to previous reviews on the Creative SoundBlaster X3 & G3. This is compact not too big or too small unlike the SoundBlaster x3 which was very nice but a bit too big or the sound blaster g3 which was very small. This sound card is just the right size while still appealing and very sleek with a nice shine to the eye. Once taken out of the box it has a solid balance weight to it and consists of a metal case and a rubber bottom to ensure it is anti-slip on a lot of surfaces which is very handy.

The controls are 1 switch to control gain in your headset or speaker which can be set to low or high frequency. There is the SBX button which is mostly for the surround sound and gives an easier sound when listening to music. There is also a scout mode button which is commonly used for gameplay as it intensifies sounds and frequencies. This setting is not practical for listening to music as it starts to break up, while this mode is great for a game experience as the surround sound has an advantage in gameplay as the scout mode, which gives a better idea of where players are around you. If you hold down the scout mode button then the sound card will go into a direct mode and the scout mode button will flash it is almost the same as the SBX mode but a bit less of a surround sound blast from your headphones.

The SoundBlaster G6 has a button/volume wheel to select different modes for your headphone/ speaker it will select headphone mode or just mic mode if you hold it for more than 3 seconds same as the scout mode button.


The kit looked impressive out of the box but got further engaging as you turn it on, and the LED lights turn on which is great as a gamer/twitch or blogger for a camera show. This gave further excitement to the game card as you can also edited and select colors with the software download.

Package contents,

  • Sound BlasterX G6
  • 1 x Optical Cable
  • 1 x MicroUSB Cable
  • Quick Start Leaflet
  • Warranty Leaflets

7.1 HD External Console Gaming DAC Amp with Xamp Discrete Headphone Bi-amp for PS4™, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

The creative Family:

Techbuzz Ireland has also a review of the above G3 sound card and more search CREATIVE on homepage.


Once downloaded this will open up your experience to the sound blasterX G6.  As the software has all your controls for different modes like the SoundBlaster X3 but with a lot more programs for music and gaming, movies, etc.



In the case of the PS4, the set up was very easy and simple connect the micro USB cable to the G6 and into the PlayStation and everything is connected up ready to go but unfortunately, there is no Bluetooth mode which is not great when you compare it to the two previous reviews of the SoundBlaster G3 and SoundBlaster X3 which are also done by us here at techbuzz Ireland.

Without the Bluetooth which is a shame you can’t connect to your phone like the G3 and X3, but you can set your game card to whichever setting you want on the software. Once set up this software complements the experience from gaming to programs to music. The software allows the option to change your voice and set it to a deeper, higher pitch and more even chipmunk sounding. Once completed you save your settings and voice, which is plugged back into the PlayStation/other devices listed all the settings will be saved on the SoundBlaster G6 and will work through your mic and headset.

Software Dashboard…

The software adjusts the sound frequency to whichever game/movie and music you’re listening to and can also self-adjust your sound wave which is very handy. It can also be tested on your headset for the full surround sound once the test in the settings is clicked.  This gave off a voice that will be in different spots around the room which will give you an idea of how much better quality this will make your headset for the gaming experience. It also has a light control panel that you can switch and move around the light settings on your SoundBlaster G6 can be set to fade in and out, strobe and much more.


Sound settings


Software voice options/control

Lighting options



Overall, it is a really enjoyable sound card which can be customized with a lot of positives and great features. There are 1 or 2 niggles where your mic will repeat back to your headphone what you say is an echo but can easily be adjusted. The missing Bluetooth option is a real niggle for us which was a positive on the previous models used,  This has the result if you wish to change the e.g. Morph voice during a game, the unit has to be plugged in an e.g. laptop to reconfigure the software to your chosen setting. This would have been great to allow a change via your phone removing the requirement to disconnect and reconnect. ( These are slight personal niggles as was  annoying to  have to move cables ) The morph voice changer is a personal favorite allowing the type of voice to suit the occasion, The option to change the colors and flicker speed is as a positive with the option to turn off the led if required. Once set up correctly the customizable in terms of audio experience has superb options albeit control via the software, this gives a unique experience of gaming, As always, a delight of an audio experience from Creative.




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