Expleo invests €100K in free consultancy services for COVID-19 impacted firms. #Expleo #COVID19ireland

Expleo, the technology partner for innovative companies, today announces that it is investing €100K in helping businesses to get back on track following the disruption caused by COVID-19. The company’s specially-designed COVID-19 recovery package includes free consultancy services in areas that will be critical to business stimulation, including business strategy, digital transformation, change management and business agility.

Expleo’s investment will cover initial assessment of businesses’ needs, referral to a leading consultant and in-depth business analysis to establish a clear plan of action. Services will be offered to businesses of any size operating in all sectors including financial services, retail, manufacturing, travel, insurance and IT.

Irish firms continue to suffer from the fallout of COVID-19 and the disruption it has caused to day-to-day functions, supply chains and their ability to operate to full capacity. Business group Ibec anticipates that investment will fall by as much as 40% this year and the economy will continue to be impacted by the pandemic ‘well into 2021’.

With Government restrictions easing, organisations are now looking to the future and the key areas they need to address in order to limit the pandemic’s impact on their business. And with digital transformation expected to play a central role in economic recovery, Expleo believes its services can give Irish businesses a vital boost.

Phil Codd,pictured above, Managing Director for Ireland, Expleo, said: “At Expleo, we feel very strongly that the business community needs to work together to overcome the challenges set by COVID-19. We wanted to make sure that we played our part and believe that our experience in helping enterprises across all sectors to digitally transform and manage change will be of great assistance to businesses as they look ahead and prepare for a drastically more digitised world.

“Economic hardship can inspire great innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. We want to embark on that journey with Irish businesses to help them thrive in the years ahead and make our economy stronger as a result.”

Businesses who wish to avail of the COVID-19 recovery package and speak to one of Expleo’s leading digital transformation experts can register their interest here.

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