The Nokia 5310 and 5.3 drop into Tesco Mobile and Power City . #Nokia5310 #Nokia5

Earlier this month it was revealed that the Nokia 5.3 was going to drop into Harvey Norman, Powercity and Tesco Mobile, Tesco mobile now have the 5310 2020 version in their handset portfolio too and the 5.3 costs €199.99 and the 5310 costs €39.99. 

The AI-powered quad-camera helps capture the perfect shot no matter where you are, even in dim light, thanks to Night mode. Wide-angle and macro lenses help you capture close-ups, or wide, scenic shots. And with its large 6.55” screen, the Nokia 5.3 helps make the most out of streaming your favourite shows and playing games all day long. The Nokia 5.3 has a durable yet stunning, Nordic-inspired design, comes with Android 10 and gives fans faster access to Google Assistant via the dedicated button.


Re imagining the original Nokia 5310 Xpress Music, the Nokia 5310 brings with it an MP3 player  and FM radio, combined with powerful, dual front-facing speakers letting you carry your favourite tunes with you on the go. The Nokia 5310 remixes classic design with a slick new feel and battery that’s built to last, keeping you connected day after day.

NOKIA 5.3     NOKIA 5310

Power City now have also both devices listed the 5.3 can be found here and the 5310 can be found here and again priced the same as Tesco Mobile. Also earlier this month the 5310 hit Harvey Norman and now the 5.3 is now listed in store with them HERE

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