Black Desert Console receives new class, Hashashin, as a timed exclusive. #PearlAbyss #BlackDesert

Pearl Abyss announced today that adventurers who play Black Desert on console can look forward to playing a brand new class coming later this month. Hashashin is the 19th character to be added to the popular MMORPG and will be playable on console very soon as a timed exclusive.

Hashashin is Aal’s warrior, who can manipulate sandstorms with the power of the native Valencian god. For example, he has a skill that allows him to imbue the memory of a specific place in a sandstorm which allows him to instantly move to that place, given that he is not too far away. He can also create sandstorms to chase enemies or ambush them from above. As a desert dweller, he can travel slightly faster in the desert and has mildly higher resistance to desert diseases compared to other classes. He engages in melee combat with the Shamshir sword as his main weapon.

Starting today, adventurers can pre-create their Hashashin in Black Desert’s famed character creator. Those who do can look forward to some nice rewards like Inventory +4 Expansion Coupon, Secret Book of Old Moon, Blessed Message Scroll, and Black Cloaked Cat.

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