Review – The Quntis wireless charging phone mount. #Quntis #Tech

Charging solutions and mounts for your car are plentyful these days and come in all sorts and size and of course options which is good for the cinsumer,Wireless charging is another matter and something you should perhaps invest in. You will probably ask why.. Two things. First is saving on cables and second is saving your charge port.

Using wireless charging has still not taken off so much here but is on the up and you should be thinking of it, the ease of use by just dropping your phone on a charging block is not hard to get into the habit of  and once adopted you will never look back and the same applies here to the product here from Quntis..

With a simple installation and set up once fixed to the windscreen you are good to go and inserting and removing the device is simple too,the telescopic arm also gives you reach options and is a great idea and can be used im all vehicles, once it is in place it will not move and makes it easily accessable and great for the likes of navigation.  Wireless charging does has its drawbacks with speed but this is improving over time.

The Quntis model has held up with its charge for me and is ideal for any motorist and is not expensive to buy nor difficult to set up in your vehicle. This unit can support up to 10W charging and depends on your device but offers the standard 5w charging for other devices. Overall it is a very flexible mount with ways of making it the right fit for any vehicle.



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